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New Lexus Owner


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Hi all,

Its been12 days since I purchased my new IS250C.....what a car!

I've been meaning to join the site for days now, but I have been enjoying the ride sooooo much, that its been hard to pull myself away from behind the wheel.

The car is a real head turner, Vermillion (a fancy word for Brilliant Scarlet Red) and the white leather trim make it a very smart looking car.

The quality is what I expected from Lexus. Performance….well, I didn’t buy the car for drag racing, so performing the leisurely drives around town etc…..it does it perfectly.

There is only one down fall in all this…..a normal Staff Golf bag is just too big for the boot (when the roof is down). I’ve tested a carry bag and that fits perfectly. Hang on…did I say ‘down fall’ I take that back, I now have a good reason to buy a new golf bag…Yeah!!!!

P.S. Would also like to give a little mention to the guys & gals at Lexus of Perth. They made my purchase very easy and without too much mumbo jumbo.

I can remember my last 4 new car purchases with other dealers, and having to talk to 4 different people before I could get the car was down right ridiculous. Not so with these guys, it was a welcome change.

If any other IS 250 C or IS250 owners can share some knowledge on the vehicle, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Welcome NuBee,

You could have made the need for a new golf bag as a bargaining chip during your purhcase ... then the dealer might have thrown one in!


Perhaps make a note of it when the dealer makes his/her follow-up phone call?


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Congrats on your purchase!

I am looking at this convertible also (the Audi A5 cabriolet is a close 2nd choice at this stage), but am waiting till later in the year due to my financial circumstances. How much did you purchase the IS250C for please? And was this a Prestige/Sports/Sports Luxury? Feel free to PM me.

Also, are you finding it hard to keep the white leather interior clean? My preferred colour combo is red exterior/white interior too, but am thinking the black leather interior might be the more practical choice? Well, as practical as buying a convertible can be lol.


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