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    My new steed. What a great car to drive. I had been admiring this little beauty for years and now it is mine. Very happy indeed.
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    congrats on the lexus.. love the white paint job..kinda miss my white isf awesome engine note past 4k rpm
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    I will check it out. It came straight from Lexus Gold Coast who had serviced it and put on 4 Yokohama tyres, so I would hope they have put the wheels on their correct side. Had a fantastic drive back to Sydney over a week, in and out of the coastal ranges. A real wolf in sheeps clothing when you can let it loose.
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    Awesome, that`s a good price 👍
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    Another option is the RCF/GSF bushings. I went from RR to RCF/GSF and many others have too from the facebook group.
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    Just looked on the Whiteline website & that says it fits. Personally i`d buy it direct from Whiteline. Then any questions & you can ring Whiteline direct for help. https://www.whiteline.com.au/product_detail4.php?part_number=W53625&sq=256693 😃
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    Congratulations- I would love one of these myself!
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    yeap if you want to get one i have 2 extra coming in i can slot u in please pm me
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    2 reflective ISF, nice. hey the carbon wrapped bits, & GROM Vline V2 looks good.
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    Got a few new additions since my last post so just sharing :-) Carbon wrapped door sills, side mirrors and side interior wings near gear selector. Yes there was a few slight air bubbles but since fixed it up :-) Also installed the GROM Vline V2 to override our outdated Satnav setup Installed side skirts, front lip and carbon apron spats Plastidipped rear badges
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    Ok, so let me tell u the symptoms that i experienced. This happened in the midst of summer, we get mid 40deg temp here. When i slow down to a complete stop, when the gear downshift from 2nd to 1st, its a big jolt and when it comes to a complete stop, another jolt. Went to a transmission specialist, gearbox pulled apart, no problem with hardware, filled up with fresh toyota transmission fluid and went for a drive, problem still exists. Both the transmission guy and I did searches online and found out its the ECU that is causing this. He rang up his contact in QLD (i need to find out who the ECU repairer is) and apparently he had fixed a few Lexus that had the same issues and its definitely the ECU. Sent ECU to QLD, after a week got it back, fitted it back on the car and it drives good again. All these messing around: All up costing me $2337.00 , repairing the ECU was $900, the rest of the cost are stripping gearbox apart, putting it back together. Incompetent Lexus of Perth wanted me to get a new gearbox for 13k or a used gearbox for 7k, thank God i didnt trust them and went to a transmission specialist instead.

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