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    Faaaaaark he was so impressed with RR etc, and then bang, so hard when its overseas product and not individually dyno tuned. Personally would not do it.
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    Installed Axle Back, Spaces and Air Filter within 48 hours. Lowering springs and strut bars are laying around in my house.. haven't decided on those yet. https://youtu.be/nyEcijgJb3w
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    Hi all, just bought myself an IS200 manual and I’ve been blown away how awesome the car is. Looking forward to learning as much as I can with the forum! As this is my first Lexus please be patient with me as I’ve strayed from my usual Honda / Subie and Euro trash cars with this one!
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    hey guys we will be having constant stream of altezza parts coming in from japan we can access to OEM JDM parts OEM body parts 3SGE conversions in MT or AT OEM lip kits wheels and more to suit the 1st GEN IS pm for more info
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    I believe the intake is more for top end and helps with supporting mods such as headers. Its a clever design though utilising half of the stock airbox. I ran a HPS intake hose before fitting a Takeda intake like above but i opted for all black with no stickers so it looks very OEM Anyway not sure about stock or with exhaust only but with my headers i hardly hear it, perhaps on start up but on WOT, the PPE's take over everything. Im sure there is a Youtube clip of a stockish ISF driving around with one once fitted and its definitely noticeable from a sound perspective. Overall its a good design/unit though for an aftermarket intake
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    Cup Sport 2s are serious track tyres, so you wouldn't fit them to the back unless you had some sticky trackday tyres on the front, too.
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    I run Michelin Pilot Sports Cup 2 tyres on my track mags, & they are an excellent tyre. There only down side is that they are more a dry weather tyre, they are ok in the wet, but the Michelin Pilot Sports 4 would be a better tyre in the wet. I am using Michelin Pilot Super Sports tyres for everyday use & they are good tyres. but when they wear out I will be fitting the newer Michelin Pilot Sports 4.
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    Yeh everything included on the car. Looking into it, the labour cost to put the headers back to factory would outweigh any benefits from having to buy a new set for the RCF, then any issues with CEL, lack of tuning options in Aus for the RCF could cause other headaches.
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    I'm a proud owner of a not so new is200 - and loving it. I've had my eyes on one of these as a second daily for a while, hoping I've picked a winner. The car needed a lot of maintenance (poorly looked after), and I am making my way through it as fast as possible. Every fluid now changed, new tyres (thanks tyrepower Northbridge!) drive belts get done this weekend and timing belt next Thursday. Having only owned it for a grand total of 5 days, I can say first impressions are - Awesome!! Should have done this years ago...and do I now have the car bug again... I think so! Future mods likely to be away off - I'm going to rebuild the front and rear end first, new brakes all round (anyone got some suggestions on discs?). I have found some challenge sourcing parts already - I had started looking for a short shift, seems pretty mandatory on this j160 - alas, no not excluding cheap Chinese stuff which won't be going on this car. I'd eventually like to do coils (Tein edbc looks interesting), sway bars (cusco?), is300 diff and axles...you can probably see where this is going... Other observations - Lexus have been exceptionally helpful and I look forward to getting work done by them.

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