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    It will last more than 150,000 kms if well looked after. Yes do the transmission fluid change and while your at it might as well do the transmission filter, your transmission will love you for it! I believe the part number you need is "35330-30080".
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    With the new wheels filling out the wheelarches better, I stared to think that it needed a little "something" at the front. The car has a very nicely deep side skirt as stock, but the front bumper chin doesn't quite stick out enough to balance everything out. When you follow the line of the side skirt, there seems to be a missing lower piece when you get to the bumper. A good option seemed to be these Aero Workz split lips, and a few weeks ago when I scratched the underside of the bumper on one of those concrete bars at the end of parking bays (it looks like Thanos' chin under there now), it seemed as good a time as any to buy a set to hide the evidence. There weren't any retailers in Japan who were willing to ship overseas, and strangely there aren't any listed on Yahoo Auctions (hence you can't use Buyee) so I went and opened a Global Rakuten Express account. It's a mail forwarding service; you're assigned a local address, which you use when purchasing from any Japanese online store, and they're happy to combine several packages into one box to save on shipping. Japan being Japan....a week later they're at my door. The package contains the 2 lips, some screws and speednuts, and some very brief instructions. And up the car goes onto axle stands, so that we can have some proper space to work underneath. After a bit of a test, the pieces seem to be pretty good quality and of a good fit. First step is to apply some 3M body mounting tape onto the bit where it screws onto the bumper. The 3M stuff sets after a while to be very sticky, but when you're initially applying it, it's quite forgiving if you need to unpeel and reposition it. If you had a spare pair of hands, you could get someone to hold it in place while you drilled the holes, but given that it's such a precise fit, I'd strongly recommend double sided tape to hold it just so, while you make the holes. The lip has to butt up snugly against the back of the bumper, so that part of the fitment is not negotiable, so I start here, and wrap the lip around the front, sticking it down onto the tape when it's all lined up. I'd thought that it was just a bit of carbon that stuck on below the bumper, but actually it has to follow the contours of the lower bumper very closely. The hard part being this bit, where the lip has to follow the curve of the brake duct. For it to fit quite snugly all the way around is pretty good, and the quality of the resin and carbon weave is very nice. Now that it's held in place, I can now drill the holes to secure it, but first the undertray has to be partially unbolted, so that you can move this washer fluid pipe out of the way. It sits exactly where the drill bit will go, but fits loosely enough that it can be pulled back an inch or so. Then drill 3 holes along the front edge of the bumper, and fit the supplied screws and speednuts. Between the fasteners and the tape, it seems solid enough. The last part is to drill the hole and secure the back of the lip against the bumper. Left to its own devices, the lip curls up a bit as it goes towards the wheel, so I drill it so that the top surface is parallel to the door shutline, and when it's in that position, the lower surface angles downwards towards the wheel, like the side skirt does. For a bit more clearance, you can fit it so that the bottom surface is parallel to the ground, but I thought it looked a bit inconsistent with everything else that's going on. And the result I think it's nice and subtle, and balances out the front end of the car a bit better. I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out...fingers crossed I stay away from those concrete barriers in the future 🙂
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    Hi Supratt. I attach some interior photos. Lexus judge the use of the contrast interior colour extremely well, IMO. The colour also highlights the seat detailing nicely, as opposed to same colour black. If I had custom ordered like yourself, the other combo I would have given serious consideration to, would have been the red exterior with the moonstone interior. Regards
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    Thanks, 3ha0046. This is my summation of the car so far - posted this in new member intro, instead of the RC forum... Will post some more photos soon. Clear impressions so far are of the supreme comfort, smoothness and quietness. Some of the best car seats I've experienced (and not so firm as the German seats), very smooth ride for 19's, best coarse chip road noise suppression I've experienced (the GS and LS must be supreme), and using the IS-C chassis for the mid section clearly pays off in a super solid feel to the whole car (and worth the consequences of the resultant weight penalty, IMO). Better driving position than the Germans (pedals not offset to the right), great steering, and the rear wheel steering is a U turn boon so far. Touchpad screen control works well and is fun to use, but not as intuitive as IDRIVE, and more eyes off the road is required. Mark Levinson audio also the best I've experienced, as is the tactile quality of how everything works in the cabin. Engine is a beauty, but does lack the urban speed responsiveness and economy of the turbo Germans. Miss the programmable preset buttons of the BMW. Needs a suspension drop (why is the front tyre clearance more than the rear clearance?), but that would compromise the lovely ride, no doubt. Could talk about a lot more. Cheers..... Should add that the in-car tech is not as good as the Germans; nor the driver assistance technology. But just doesn't matter with a car that's this good to drive.

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