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    I don't have my 2nd gen RX330 (2005 model) any longer and I had replaced the rears with aftermarket. When I sold that car these were left in my garage and I am came across them the other day. Perfectly fine tail lights and its the full rear set (i.e. 4 pieces). Chasing $280 ono for them + shipping Based in Perth.
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    Hopefully a new electric motor will get it up and running again BLK ISF. The workings of the valve is pretty simple, so unless the butterfly valve is damaged (or the shaft is bent/broken) then i cant see what else could go wrong apart from the motor. I took advantage of the Sparesbox.com.au sale last night and bought the Varex Smart box unit (saved $100 with the sale). The sale finished last night so it was now or never.

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