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    More parts ordered today. scavenge oil pump for oil return line, water pump for w2a system and a air fuel ratio gauge. Took advantage of ebays 10% off everything promotion 👍 should be in the shop in around 2-3 weeks
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    How the heck is this ISF still not sold? I would've bought it if my finances aligned!
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    Used this thread before as a lurker, registered now so just wanted to thank all you people, especially Bazzle, for the info and tips and trouble-shooting. I dl'd the Toyota Lexus Whereis V22 2016 maps, burned at 4x to a no-name (Ritek) DVD+R DL disc using ISOBURN, and it worked perfect. Honestly I'll probably still use phone GPS a lot more, but this is good for my completionist/obsessive streak, and also for when I go on roadtrips and might not have reception. So thanks all!
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    Took this the other week and forgot to upload it, just a quick video of the exhaust on a cold start, shows sound after it finishes the warm up cycle and a quick rev or so (didn't want to give it too much as there were some people around):
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    A club member here seen the opportunity and grabbed it quick smart. Out with the old, almost time for the new.
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    I’ve had mine ran on the dyno more times than I can remember in 4th and 6th and there is sweet fa difference. My tuner uses 4th with mine. Running it up in 6th is kinda pointless as most dynos will be speed maxed before our 6th runs out, also generates aloft more heat and unessesary strain on everything.
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    I have PPE header, and replaced engine mount late last year, car was at 100,000KM, one of the side was deteriorating. Luckily identified by TNK when performing transmission flush. Open the hood, give it a few hard rev, you can see the engine rocking more than usual, and check underneath the hood for any sign of hitting up. Was looking at the RR mount but worried about extra vibration & noise so I went with the OEM mounts instead as I use my F as a daily. You are right that sub-frame needs to be dropped, almost like a half header job. So I also STRONGLY recommend to replace the mount when installing header. I was also told that after installing the new engine mount, one part of the PPE header may rub against the steering column when in reverse at certain angle? This is due to new mount tighten up the gap to the header. And once the mount settles/sags, it should go away. Otherwise the header needs to be modified to address this. For those in Sydney want more info on this issue, contact TNK Automotive.
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    thats exactly right bro - as long as everything is done consistently in the same environment thats the best measure. anyone trying to measure d$$k size by saying 'ohh. mine heaps more powerful can go jump. its YOUR pre results, vs your post results - and what you feel by your bum dyno lol
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    Gidday fellas, So a read a lot, looked at Youtube videos that were available, spoke to a few knowledgeable people and also my trusty local mechanic. (good mate) Lexus wanted $1600.00 plus GST per housing, which I was serious thinking about doing. Lexus wreckers wanted $440.00 per housing for 2006 - 2007 housings, didn't give this a second thought as I would only end up with old housings again. After all my reading online both here and OS on forums etc, one person said to replace with new Lexus original globes and this will fix the problem. So I brought 2 x new HID globes for $350.00 each from Lexus and fitted them up. Fixed the problem straight away. They are perfect and super bright. I ran the car for 1 hour, not a flicker or fault for either side. So there you go, Lexus housings do not like Phillips low beam globes, I don't care what you think as I put up with this inferior standard lighting for two years and paid $100 dollars for *BLEEP* Phillips after market globes thinking it would help, but no it didn't, so its original all the way for me from now on with anything to do with lighting on this car. The Phillips globes would work for 15 minutes, then flicked off and on, would go out completely on either side at random intervals. Even my local mechanic was a little amazed, yes the cost is hard to justify but it fixed the problem and a lot cheaper than the cost of 2 x new housing.. It is not a ballast issue, ballasts never fail in Oz as our climate is to mild, so consider your globes, and consider Lexus genuine parts on the issue, oh please don't get me wrong, I love a bargain and always go for aftermarket parts, but this is a lesson learnt :) Cheers Grant
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    Kia Ora! And welcome to the F Club Thomas! Whakatane is a beautiful place mate, I worked on a forestry project in Gisborne for 2yrs, often travelled to Whakatane and Hicks Bay. You guys are spoiled for choices, so many imports on the road. Yeh, let's see ya car.
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    Welcome to the forum Thomas. It must be a rare sight to see in a IS-F in NZ considering how limited they are in Australia. Post up some photos and tell us about it.