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  1. Difficult to find. Use the Navigation screen,that is map, not the Multi-information display. Hit Menu,Navigation,Detailed Navigation settings. Then scroll right to the bottom to Speed Limit settings. This has all speed limit setting plus school zone.
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  2. Same Guy on ebay is also selling previous versions and also claiming the disc came out of a smashed car. Im stating the obvious that theyre all copies and he's printing labels but most of the poor folk buying them would think theyre originals. And its a good earn for him too, would cost him 50 cents for a blank disc, id say his profit is about 90% on each disc. And he's sold hundreds. I emailed asking him how he can offer a discount on multiple discs when he has only one but he didn't reply of course.
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  3. has any one purchased from here ? https://www.navigationau.com/contact-us.html
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