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    could be a number of things dirty maf blocked cat missfiring bad fuel list goes on
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    Sep2019 Lexus wheel Alignment.pdfHere you go
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    I put 235x40x18 's on my front wheels (350X) instead of the standard 225's (got them a little cheaper) and i've had no issues with them whatsoever. No discernible difference in steering feel or ride.No rubbing on guards.
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    Happy to purchase ThePerspectiveChanger. Please message me. Thanks
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    I think you can get it tuned out, but send RR Racing a email they sell o2 sims that block the signal, it is the rear o2,s that are giving the problem??. RR Racing are great and if you haven't got a ecu tune go for RR there is a few in OZ and no problems, let us know how you go cheers.
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    I use Endless SS-M for street, they feel just like stock oem in terms of pedal feel and are basically zero dust. For track I use Endless MX72 Plus, which last for a whole trackday session without fade, seem to be kind to the discs and are actually fine for street use. They're about half of the stock pad dust...but half is still a lot 😉 so I swap to Endless street pads between track days
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    As i have now sold my IS-F i have the Bluetooth module linked above that i no longer have use for. As long as your car has an AUX port then you can use this device to play music via Bluetooth in your IS250, IS350 or IS-F. I got it for Christmas so its only 9 months old, and still works perfectly. I purchased a shorter AUX cable as the one that came with it was about 1m long and i only needed it to be about 15cm long as it was mounted in the centre console. Happy to provide both cables and you can choose where you want to mount it. $50 shoot me a message on here or text me zero four22 247 831
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    Finally I managed to upgrade my 2010 R350 to 2016 V22 map version. Here is the photo to show the location of Gen3 DVD slot location. JESUS!!! Actually it doesn't require the USB activation, maybe Australian model is different from US model Thank you all
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    yes you will need minimum post to make a thread on that section its to prevent users from joining just to make a sale we want a community that provides info not just selling parts
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    Forgot to update here for those who dont have FB or Instagram. Just wanted to share now all is working well. Another use for my Vline. As per my pic, i can now control my exhaust valves through the OEM screen, its a novelty but quite cool. Driven past police a few times and could easily close the valves so it became very quiet but then press 100% moments later and it was loud again. Last thing i want to do is reach for my phone to operate it with police nearby so this setup is working out quite well for me.

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