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    I'm 4km,s west of Moruya NSW F##ing sh#tting for weeks, stay safe everyone this fire season is off the chart. I hope this scale never happens again, BIG THANKS TO ALL THE FIRE AND SES AND EVERYONE INVOLVED CHEERS.👍
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    I just fitted a pair. I just pulled old ones out and swapped over. :)
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    I have a HPS tube with sound generator + F sport air box + TOMS filter. I have had the F Sport intake setup and honestly I would recommend the above setup. If you wanted you can just cut a hole in the factory air box, get a hps tube w/ sound generator + TOMS filter.
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    Had to give up in the end. Hopeless sellers. I've moved on to Honda Accord Euro's in their luxury spec. See you in four years when I can afford a late model Lexus. 😛

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