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    We compared a bunch of files in "v26" DVD that Bballplayer86 brought from the gumtree guy to the files in v22 DVD. There were the same size. Also, Bballplayer86 realised some 3 year old roads in a suburb somewhere were not recognised by his DVD. The gumtree guy updates the content in the version file and sells copies of v22 each year as if it was a new version. If the last DVD Lexus advertises online is v24 then I would think that is the last official DVD.
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    It's personal preference. I was in the same position when I was looking to buy the F car. Decided to go with the ISF as it has 4 doors and would be more practical for the family. I think the ISF still looks good. You can update the tail lights and a few small visual things to make it look more modern. If you're after updated modern interior and modern features get the RCF. Both cars are pretty rare and I think you'll love either one.
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    Hi All, Just bought a well loved old LS460. I love driving a sofa around 😉 All the normal 'issues' seem to have been addressed (controls arms, interior etc.). However, very keen to hear if anyone in WA knows of a decent independent mechanic in Perth who specialises or has good knowledge of Lexus and is able to provide regular basic services without requiring the soul of my first born child as a down payment? Cheers Groover
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    Oh thank you. That's very helpful and assuring.
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    I was looking into it recently; it seems the last official edition is v24 released in 2019, most likely with updates collected in 2018. https://city-lexus-shop.myshopify.com/collections/lexus-is-accessories-2013/products/new-arrival-sat-nav-update-dvd-australia-version-24-tomtom-maps That DVD cost $365.90 That site also lists a v25 but only available as SD card. I called Lexus in Sydney for a quote: $685.30 installed or $500.30 to pick up the DVD. When I asked them what version this was they said "the latest". I insisted what version number it is? "we are not sure, we have to order it" What a joke....
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    my first mod.. bloody tint the windows..feels like i'm sitting in a fish bowl without the tint
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    If you jump on FB group ISF/RCF/GSF Club Australia there is a post with a few people wanting to do a group buy on Novel headers, so far there is 4 people!
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    Penrite HPR 5w40 fully synthetic expensive but get it on special and it almost half price around $39 5lts X2 cheers.
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