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    and also a TOMS air filter and start button... 😄
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    Thanks mate, I am planning to look into a resonator delete for now, this way the volume will increase. I am keen to get out to a F model drive, but still waiting to be accepted into Lexus F Club Australia on FB....
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    Almost, I am going F... I bought a 2015 RCF
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    Hi guys, you might want to try my car detailer . They got everything I need in terms of car cleaning and detailing.
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    I had the VLand tail lights on my blue IS-F and agree that with the cherry red tinted lenses and more modern taillight design then did make the rear of the car look much nicer and more modern. They might not be to everyone's taste but i liked them.
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    Had my dash replaced today free of charge on rx 350 2006 at lexus southport. Just call them , great service
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    Yes, thanks again.. I am itching to buy a ISF or RCF in the next 2 years, just need to enjoy my IS for a few more years. When I trade up, if ISF is the choice I will target minimum 2012 upwards. I know Lexus' and ever more so ISF engine and gearbox can take a beating with several hundred 000 on the dial.. good idea for piece of mind, get a Lexus dealership o give it the once over... 300kw at wheels sound right, jump on to RR Racing and u will see dyno results with similar set up to u. So sounds about right... ISF will go down as a cult car similar to GTR etc, prices are trending down but eventually a time will come when prices go the other way, when they become more rare and then "bro tax" comes into play....
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    That is such a good series of events to secure a car that is in top conditions with Lexus fitted quality aftermarket bolt-ons... I hope I can replicate this series of event when I decide to get into the market for an ISF. I want do it just yet, not for the lack of money but more so because I still love my IS350 and don't want to let it go just yet.... Did you get someone to look over the car, or you did it all yourself? ISF are good cars, all ISX are, I have seen YouTube clips of stock ISX with almost 200,000 kms that are spinning the factory quoted numbers! Amazing.... Once you settle in on the power and the drive, I suggest jumping on RR Racing website and look at purchasing a flash tune for the ISF..
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    Pearlisf $50k for ISF with 46,000 kms with FBO..is a steal for a 2012 ISF how long ago did you purchase? Did the FBO come with the car, can you list them? I have never driven an ISF but I envy them and agreed it's very rare to see one on the road....
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    Might as well delete this thread admin 👍
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    bummer i missed out..got the message too late that morning... Hopefully @ the next cruise
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    Was good to meet a fellow member on here
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    i actually haven't met anyone one here keen for a meet and great if you guys are planning something
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    Possibly one Sunday, I can let u know
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    Nice! I had a 2013 IS350 too and I still think the pre-facelift model looked better. The lower bumper area looks more sophisticated. Congrats!

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