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    Hi all, just thought id share something new added to my ISF a few days back in case anyone else is in the position and thinking about it. As per the pics, i changed over my OEM engine mounts (1 was ok but the other was worn, alot of freeplay) and i could see that when the engine was revved, the engine flex was quite alot. Consistent with the video RR Racing has put out showcasing their engine mounts. They are a serious bit of gear, very solid build, look great (even though you'll hardly see them). If you are environmentally friendly you wont be happy. They came wrapped in countless amounts of plastic lol but well packaged nonetheless lol. Got the same place who fitted my PPE headers to install them for me (yes its ideal to change the mounts over at the same time as a header install as the sub frame is lowered) but my mounts at the time was ok. Anyways, my initial impressions (i am happy): Cold start ups are awesome. Already with headers, exhaust etc its loud, but the mounts make it feel that little bit more raw. I can feel the vibration but its not excessive. A non car person may not even notice im sure you all would :-) Throttle response does feel a bit more snappier, more instant. Its not like a throttle controller etc but the drive under more aggressive driving feels more engaged, no engine flex or hesitation Vibration is very noticeable (a bit too much for my liking) when the car is in gear and stationary such as at a set of lights, drive thru etc. This is with the aircon off and headlights off. Lucky for my most of my driving, i leave the aircon on so not a big deal. Ive seen other videos of other cars with engine mount replacements and the noise was alot louder, almost like a straight cut gearbox. I can only hear a minor increase in noise at low speeds but its subtle. The headers drowns all of that out. 500rpm seems to be magic number for me. At this RPM, vibration is very noticeable. With aircon on, my RPM increases to about 700 and the vibration is nowhere as excessive. Same with driving at night or in my case heading to work each morning about 5am. Turning on my lights increase my RPM to about low 600's so the vibration is not that bad. Everyone always wants to know how much so ill let you know. $250 USD on special as per their site $68 USD fed ex postage = Basically $320ish USD. Thanks to our amazing AU$ (yes im being sarcastic), it was $474AU landed 😞
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    I recently got a new start button via the guy on Club Lexus who organised a group-buy of custom start buttons a few years back. Ended up costing a bit more than the original group-buy price at US$169.99 shipped, but I'm happy enough with it - seems to suit the IS F better than the TRD or Tom's buttons IMO.
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    I had quite a bit of interest on mine. I had it advertised on Facebook marketplace for about a month and on here (waste of time on here due to such low traffic and most users already have an IS-F) and had i think 4 or 5 people contact me through Facebook about it. Nobody serious though...lowballers, tyre kickers and people wanting swaps etc. Then 2 weeks ago i decided to get a bit more serious and put it on CarSales. My first inquiry came in about 4 hours after my ad was approved and i had about 6-7 inquiries over the 2 weeks. The problem with selling a car privately is always getting someone to actually come and have a look at the car, especially when i live in Newcastle and pretty much every inquiry i had was from someone in Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane. Anyway, late last week i got an inquiry from a guy in Sydney, who asked a few things about the car, then arranged to come up and have a look/drive etc this week. And he loved it and gave me a deposit there and then. The sale is still pending while he finalises his finance, but he assures me all would be ok.
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    Hi Mike. Interested in your post. We have a 2005 IS200 in very good condition that we have owned since new - looks just like yours. But we also have the sticky dash problem and it is getting worse. I am assuming that you paid to have the new dash and centre console fitted, or did Lexus come to the party in any way? I am intending to pay a visit to my Lexus dealer in Melbourne later this week to see what they have to say so any feedback regarding your experiences would be great. Thanks, Janet

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