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  1. Hey All, Sorry for the late response. Thank you for the information sounds a little to costly without the additional items you require. But kudos to you to complete such a conversion well done!! As time has gone by i am looking into LS3 conversion into the IS250. There is a complete swap kit in the US for $2,699 to mount the motor & box so am looking to LSX options. With that said i am not just planning on dropping the motor then good to go; I understand i will need to upgrade the brakes and suspension to accommodate the new power train. Danny have you converted LS motors into IS250? Kind Regards
  2. Much appreciated guys for your response. Its been a while since i have been on the forums alot better than the nissansilvia days. I will contact danny from Lexmania Regards
  3. Are there threads here of a JZ/2JZ swap into IS250 by any chance? I am looking into building again; i owned a s13 for 10 years before buying my Lexus for a daily but there is room for opportunity on this car. Either the V8 or JZ swap. There is barely anything on a JZ swap for IS250
  4. Hi there, Thanks for the information. I wish i could sell mine for 15k cant even get 10k I fully understand what your saying however i am just curious to know does the motor and box all mount with no problems? I know i will need a ISF tail shaft and wiring will be an issue but does the engine and gearbox sit with no problems?
  5. Good Evening, I know there has been topics covered on this however i am wanting a more up to date confirmation and possibility on this swap. I own a 2005 Lexus IS250 auto with 153,000 on the clock. Can someone advise if the swap of a Lexus 2UR-GSE V8 can be done in my car. Any help is appreciated ... I understand this topic has been covered but every good search comes up with posts backing to 08-11 ....10 years on just wanting to know if this can be done? Kind Regards Niro