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  1. Ok- I was probably being a little impatient! I have been scouring his site and the work looks good. I hope we can work something out
  2. Hi guys- sent a few messages to the ilv1004s from lexmania but never got a reply. Any other suggestions?
  3. I agree it makes no financial sense. I love the shape of my IS200 and would like to drive a manual. Also, I use this car for work also so some of the expense can be written off.
  4. Hi all. I am the proud owner of 2001 IS200 with six speed manual gearbox. Lovely car but too slow. I have read through the forums and have seen lots of questions and comments about engine swaps. Could anybody who has actually done one of these swaps please recommend a workshop in Sydney that I could approach to work out the feasibility of this. I am not after crazy power, just something with a bit more poke. Ideally would like to stick NA like a 1uz/3uz or a 2jzge.