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  1. I have just brought a 2008 RX400h 200k on the dial. What should I do maintenance wise? Battery at 75% Oil is clean and recently changed. Coolant is good, in fact it looks like a well maintained car. *Touch wood veneer*. One light out, everything else fine. Anything I should watch out for?
  2. Hi Allan. No idea.brought a second hard 2008 rx400h yesterday. Great car. Remote battery was missing,I replaced it.works perfect except Power boot not working from remote..... I don't care. Maybe replace the battery.
  3. Brought a Rx400h second hand. Now I get Lexus. I always loved cars that were reliable and had a stack of Technology. I hated grey cars and 4WD's. Now I own a Grey 4WD and LOVE it. (In fairness the Dark grey, Honda's Gothic Grey... Unsure with Lexus.... Is very nice. The silver I see on Sydney roads, IMHO just no. Bank teller said she thinks Black Lexus's are the sexiest cars and I tend to agree)
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