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  1. Hi, My passenger side headlight has a lot of condensation in it and I was wondering if any of you guys had the same problem and can suggest a solution? I was thinking to take it out, let it dry and then try to seal it but I'm worried taking out the headlight is easier said then done. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Regards,
  2. My GS300 brakes developed a very annoying high pitch squeal. It only happens when I apply my breaks at a certain pressure (the most optimum pressure) but not when I press the pedal lightly or hard. I had my car serviced at Sydney City Lexus least month and they confirmed there is about 70% of brakes left and the only way to get rid of the squeal is to replace the discs and pads which sounds like an overkill. Have any of you dealt with the same issue and have any suggestions for the most cost effective way to deal with it? Many thanks.