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  1. Yeah I'm more interested in a slight power gain, and just want my engine to breathe better basically
  2. Thanks for the detailed reply, that's precisely why i want to go with the f sport intake, heard alot of good things about it. And you're right I'm more than happy to spend $$ on my 350. This is the first ever car that I've modded and I'm addicted lol. Since i already have a full cat back system i might aswell get the intake since they go well together, so I've heard
  3. That sounds sweet! I've heard people say that the f sport intake is supposed to give around 5hp gains but probably won't sound as good as takeda. Hmmm hard choice
  4. Thanks for the reply, yeah they're quite pricey right now. I'll look into toms filter
  5. Happy Holidays everyone! this is my first post here, i have a question regarding my 2011 IS350. Do any of you have an aftermarket cold air intake or your 2IS? if so, would you recommend getting one? I'm interested in the F-Sport air intake for mine, i already have a full invidia catback on the car but feel like adding more to it. Also how do you all time your car's 0-100 km/h as accurately as possible? (i know 0-100 time isn't something i should be too fussed about but i'm genuinely curious) 😅