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  1. Are you running the factory Yokohama tyres? Apparently they are super noisy on the NX. Michellins resolve this issue. Hope this helps.
  2. It's personal preference. I was in the same position when I was looking to buy the F car. Decided to go with the ISF as it has 4 doors and would be more practical for the family. I think the ISF still looks good. You can update the tail lights and a few small visual things to make it look more modern. If you're after updated modern interior and modern features get the RCF. Both cars are pretty rare and I think you'll love either one.
  3. That's a bargain! I paid $55k for a 2011 pearl white with 46 000kms last October. It had full bolt ons and came with spare bbs wheels and all the parts taken off the car.
  4. I just fitted RE003 in the front and AD08R rear. Front grips nicely in courners and no more wheel spin in the rear with FBO. 245/35's F and 275/30's R
  5. I was lucky enough to purchase mine brand new from a member in Adelaide. His new Lexus arrived in a wrong colour so he just ended up buying a Mercedes instead, and he had already purchased lots of mods for a Lexus haha. You can purchase the intake on Ebay from USA. They are about $700ish but it is well worth it. Completely transforms the car.
  6. Hi all, I've done some custom exhaust work on my ISF axle back, and will be selling the JoeZ axle back portion. The cat back exhaust initially cost around $3200 shipped from USA. I'm looking for $900 for the axle back. If I can't get $900 I'll just keep it. The parts are in excellent condition. This is possibly the best sounding exhaust for the ISF. Bit too loud for wifey... Located in Brisbane. Happy to ship Australia wide at buyer's expense. Can contact me on 0422 344 582 if interested. InShot_20200317_151923366.mp4
  7. I had a Takeda intake on my is350 and it was very loud from about 3500rpm. Sounded like a V8. Highly recommend it you want sound. No experience with other brands. Didn't feel any power gains to be honest.
  8. Just installed a carbon fiber roof spoiler. The fitment and finish is perfect. The supplier even sent me photos of the product before shipping. Arrived from Taiwan to Brisbane in 2 days.
  9. It takes less than a minute to install both sides. Have a look at the YouTube link.
  10. Installed a $30 eBay rear bumper diffuser. Came out looking pretty good. The diffuser comes with 7 fins and fits just fine as long as you remove the 2 plastic bits connected to the rear exhaust tips. I decided to just cut off one fin from each side of the diffuser and this way it fits without any bumper modifications. The screws supplied are pretty crap as you can see in the photo but I have since replaced them with a flat head screw from Bunnings, which now blends in.
  11. All depends on what you're after. I was just after the sound and didn't mind the slight hp loss. But you have an exhaust so the sound should be sorted anyway.
  12. I had a Takeda intake which almost sounded like a V8 haha. Most say that you get heat soak and some power loss (probably like 5hp loss) but I couldn't tell the difference. Anyway if you're after some nice growl get a Takeda. 😁