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  1. Thanks for the invite mate! Was a great morning.
  2. I have no access to the link. What is the group name on facebook so that I can join?
  3. Let me know when and where! Looking forward to meeting more lexus owners!
  4. I haven't driven an IS350 with FBO unfortunately. The closest I got was a cat back and an intake. I'm sure the headers improve it a lot. I know the feeling. I loved my IS350 too much to let go so I gave it to my parents. I picked up my F with 46000kms for around 50k. There are good deals out there but you have to be quick. I've never driven a stock ISF so it is hard to say what the difference is compared to mine with FBO. From my experience so far, both IS350 and ISF are great cars. ISF is a bit quicker, has a great V8 sound and is rare. I think my favourite part is the car is the rarity. Feels like you're driving something very very special. All the best with your future purchase!
  5. Here's a few photos of my new F. What a great car! 🙂 All mods have been done by the previous owner. PPE Headers Joe Z exhaust Intake Swift springs F Sport forged wheels Castor bushes RR Racing air oil separator Carbon flat bottom steering wheel VLAND tail lights
  6. My is350 had a cat back Xforce exhaust and a Takeda intake. The car was a lot of fun to drive and sounded amazing. I've read a lot of forums where the owners compare the is350 to an IS F and everyone says they are very close in acceleration etc... My ISF has full bolt-ons - PPE headers, Joe Z exhaust, AOS, springs etc. The V8 sound is contagious, I want to drive it day and night for no reason haha. The amount of attention and people staring and trying to figure out what it is is crazy. The car has a very loud v8 rumble at idle. The difference between the two cars is night and day in my opinion. The IS F pulls hard! Interior wise they are pretty much the same except the carbon trim look bits. I've owned Evos, supercharged cars NA v6s etc. None of them compare to the ISF imo. The car is rare, unique, sleeper look and very fast. There is a guy on YouTube "ISFASTER" with a 2012 ISF, with only an Xforce exhaust. He takes his car on the strip and has beat a lot of powerful cars. Helps to be a good driver also haha
  7. The intake is pretty loud, but only when you want it to be. It would definitely be louder than the cabin sound generator one. Just food for thought. The only reason I kept my car for so long was because of the intake sound haha
  8. RCF is a great car also. Nicer interior too. The intake makes a great sound but I didn't feel any power difference to be honest. It does turn a few head though haha. Have a listen to the clip below. Almost has a V8 like sound in higher rpms.
  9. Congrats Dan! I also came from a ZR6 Aurion when I initially purchased my 2011 is350 f sport. It did feel a lot smaller coming from an Aurion. You get used to it quickly. I owned my is350 for 7 years before upgrading to an ISF a few weeks ago. 🙂 I had a Takeda intake on my is350 which made the car sound amazing above 3500rpm. All the best with your new car!
  10. I've purchased mine from the below suppliers. Both delivered within a week. VLAND tail lights -> Door projector lights -> Really transforms the car. 🙂
  11. Haha glad I could help! 🙂 I was a bit hesitant at first as they look a bit funny on most photos online, but once you see them in person they really suit the car.
  12. I've tried to take a few photos at night with the brake lights on/off but my phone camera's a bit crap.The lights look a 100 times better in reality. I've also added a photo of a $10 eBay Lexus door projector light.
  13. Hi all, Just installed the VLAND tail lights on my ISF. Took me about 30 minutes to install. The car looks a lot nicer now and more modern compared to the 2012 style tail lights. The fitment is almost perfect. The gap between the two light sections on the left hand side is about 1mm, but it isn't noticeable at all. Let me know if you need more photos in case anyone is interested in fitting these.
  14. It's hard making additional power on a IS350. I've had a catback xforce exhaust and a takeda intake. To be honest I didn't feel any power difference other than the amazing sound it was making. I would recommend upgrading to an IS F when you can. Mine has ppe headers and full exhaust. The thing is scary fast. 🙂
  15. I've had a Xforce cat-back (Varex version) on my is350 for 2 years. IMO the sound is amazing. There was a little drone on the freeway cruising up a slight hill. I simply hit the button and close the exhaust valve which takes the sound back to stock. For the normal road driving the exhaust was always open and no drone whatsoever. I didn't notice much power difference. Maybe a little more torque in the higher rpms.