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  1. That's what I was intending to do.... Just wondering if anyone has done the same and any experiences from doing so?
  2. Hi guys, My 3IS F Sport has 90,000kms on it now. Despite the gearbox being listed as having "lifetime oil" I want to service it around the 100K mark for piece of mind. From researching there is plenty of info on the 2IS 6 speed but very little info on servicing the 3IS 8 speed. I have found a transmission specialist who is confident in servicing the unit performing a full flush but he is saying the filter would not be changed as it is mounted behind the valve body similar to ZF boxes? Anyone have any experience in this area or have had the box serviced. My other option is to simply have a dump and refill which is only a partial change which would at least ensure the levels are resurrected which from research is pretty critical to these boxes operating to their optimum as they are quite sensitive to dropping slightly in oil level through evaporation over time...…. Thoughts Cheers......
  3. Wow sounds great.... was concerned that doing such a mod would detract from the in cabin sound pipe they have standard but this seems even louder...….
  4. Thanks mate.... love the ISF...… already planning the next Lexus…. hopefully a an RCF in the future. As well as improving the intake sound did it help with performance at all ?
  5. Hi, Just purchased my first Lexus (2013 IS350 FSport). Absolutely love the car. Have always wanted to own a lexus. Have been a long time car enthusiast including buying and selling cars as a hobby in the past. Previous to this car I owned a few Aurion's and fell in love with the super reliable and very capable 3.5 V6 so it was a natural progression to upgrade from an Aurion ZR6 to the IS350 Lexus. I flew to Canberra to buy this car and drove it home to the Gold Coast. Still getting used to the smaller seats but it's worth a little daily discomfort for the stability they give you when driving spirited. Anyone else find the seat a little tight ? Anyway that is literally all I can fault with the car. Love the silky smooth 8 speed. Comes into it's own when manually shifting around a nice twisty mountain. Anyways looking forward to asking lots of questions and hopefully getting lot's of answers...….Cheers, Dan