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  1. Would like to replace the grille badge on my 2010 RX450h. I see that there are some for cars with and without pre-collision systems installed. Apart from the 4-way button on the LHS of the steering wheel, how do I figure out which grille badge to buy? Is there a sensor within the actual badge? Cheers - IanM
  2. Hi team My driver's side headlamp wont elevate properly when it comes on. Going over bumps, the light appears loose and reacts to the bumps abnormally. All lights work, but it shines downwards, not totally forwards. Is my only alternative to buy a new OEM headlight? Lexus - $2900. Others, $2200. Is there an actuating gimbal I can access to check why it doesn't elevate to the forward position, or is it just pay the money and move on? Would appreciate views from those who know.. Cheers and thanks - IanM
  3. Thanks ilv1004s I guessed that the battery was a likely source of poor economy. I have it down to about 8.7 l/100 through light footing it. It takes time to save money! Also looking to replace the windscreen on the car, because of light scratching by wipers that the last owner let get too thin. O'Briens just quoted me nearly $1000 AUD for a new non-OEM replacement (asking questions about rain sensors, which it has, and HUD, which it also has). Any suggestions as to a more economical approach in the Melbourne area? Thank you also for the facebook link. I will go there and have a
  4. Hi all Just an introduction. New to Lexus after buying a 2010 RX450h with 125,000 k's. Love it apart from relatively high fuel consumption at over 10l/100, and will use the forums to investigate this further. Enjoy your cars - I am looking forward to a long while with mine.
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