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  1. Thread dig, but for anyone still wanting to try & source one of these compartments try your luck with part number 36Y21-30120. It's quite possibly long discontinued but you never know what you might find with a part number at least. This one is a slight variation, which isn't lined with felt & includes a partition piece to separate storage.
  2. Great finish, they have come up nicely. I remember it wasn't all that long ago when there was only a few colours to choose from in most stores from the VHT line, good to see more options now. I wouldn't mind testing out their Black Pearl eventually.
  3. After some searching around for the correct part numbers, a quick estimate through Amayama is showing under $30 for each harness. I've sent an email through to my go-to Lexus spare parts, just waiting on a response back on local price & availability.
  4. They were sold as is, unbeknownst to me that I needed them. Yes correct, I am needing the complete set, both inner & outer harnesses. I own an '07.
  5. No longer needed, sourced a set today. Just need the harnesses now...
  6. Hi all, As the title suggests, I'm chasing a set of 2011+ IS250 / 350 face-lift tail lights in good condition. Within Melbourne would be highly preferred. Please send me a PM if you have a set. Cheers
  7. Not far from either, myself. A cruise to Marysville or the GOR with the nicer weather ahead would be ideal.
  8. Not a problem at all, you should have some luck on there. It's a wealth of knowledge on those forums for the UZZ/JZZ chassis, should you ever run into any other issues. Not sure what I would have done without it once upon a time!
  9. Daniel from Import Nation Aus should be able to help you out with that, he is a Soarer nut & may have something in his inventory. Worst case, he wouldn't have a problem sourcing one for you. If you have no luck there check out the Soarer Central forums as well, if you haven't already. Good luck.
  10. Cheers for the welcome bazzle. Yes the previous owner left the custom plates on when it was traded in, as a bonus. I'm assuming it's meant to refer to the year model, unless they had a 007 obsession?
  11. Hi all, Just a brief introduction into the forums - I recently secured myself a well cared-for '07 IS 250 Sport in a six-speed manual, which I'll be taking ownership of this week. It's a one owner vehicle which has been looked after brilliantly, despite it's relatively high mileage (186k), I found myself struggling to fault it. A real credit to it's previous owner & Lexus build quality. Coming from a background mostly consisting of Japanese performance cars (including multiple Toyota Soarers) the Lexus IS range of this generation is one I've always been eager to get into, simply beautiful machines. No major plans for it at this stage, other than maintenance upkeep & some inevitable cosmetic upgrades over time. Look forward to the journey!