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  6. I will post some shortly, wanna give it a nice clean before its photos.
  7. The belts have an inertia lock on them and it seems your lock is getting stuck in the lock position when on rewind. Yes, a slope or incline will usually unlock them but it is suggesting that the belts need attention or replacement. Initial idea is to lock the belt into the buckle when you get out of the car. Next step is to fully extended the belt when you can and slowly retract it, do not let it wind back quickly. It's a good bet the reactor is out of calibration, for whatever reason, and may need to be dealt with at a dealer.
  8. Thanks for the entry to the club. Currently driving a 2016 GSF. LOVE IT! Thirsty unit but sounds beautiful. I have owned 17 Lexus so pretty much been up and down the range a few times. I believe I’ve had three new Lexus this year already. I am an avid enthusiast of the brand and like to drive and sample new models and own some classics as well. I will be looking at an LFA this week. So excited! Been to track days where one is always on show, just an amazing vehicle. Lots of Lexus experiences, so if I can be of value to your questions let me know.