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  1. Any one in Aus / sydney installed or tried this product? Aparently it allows for pre 2011 ISF / ISX to have bluetooth music streaming.. The USA guys say it works for them but just want to confirm any locals using it before i purchase thanks!
  2. Its not really a lexus specific job but I would either goto lexus chatswood or goto any of your own trusted mechanic and get it done, I did one in my 2005 Mazda my self at home.. not a big job
  3. an 02 sensor would throw out the ECUs reading and might be putting more fuel in than required.. I would put in a new O2 sensor and go from there as a start
  4. WTB ISF OEM headers preferably as close to free as possible 🙂 Prefer Sydney / Wollongong / Newcastle Thanks!
  5. hey man u still got it , headers?
  6. I have v26 from some dude on gumtree 🙂 $70 pick up.. not bad dont tell him , but I tried to clone it and theres some kind of protection I cant get around unless any one else has suggestions , happy to rip/copy for other IS/lexus owners 😉
  7. Hey all, new ISF owner and kinda certain my headers are cracked. hence starting a group buy I have my self and one other FB member interested and Lexmania said they would be able to assist with dropping prices if we can get 5 and above . leave a message below to show your interest p.s I think this would be across all Lexus model that PPE support , so shouldn't need to be ISF only, other models can also participate. thank you!
  8. yea I have seen that but its out of my budget atm :)
  9. Any one else up for another group buy?
  10. any comments on Nulon 10-40 " fast flowing" ?
  11. Also looking for header options , any one up for a group buy?
  12. Long time car sales / gumtree stalker first time ISF buyer lol. got my self a 2010 ISF on Friday , loving it! be sure to see some of you some time in the future