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  1. got the superpro ones for $143 delivered from sparesbox, the whiteline same is like $90
  2. the superpro one looked a bit nicer lol just got that bushing 🙂
  3. just out of curiosity this says it will fit. any one tried?
  4. Hi, Looking for a pair of stock factory lower control arm ( left and right) close to free as possible , or can do a trade for my stock ones once im done with upgrades
  5. Hi all , no positive response but the site looks legit, I'm willing to give it a try for $100 delivered and then can sort all you other guys out 😉 for a fee 😉 Response below: HI Sorry but we are not able to check the map data inclusions Best regards Customer support Navigation Australia
  6. I'm going to email them and get some kind of assurance I'm not screwed over again. once i get that surety and confirm that the DVD is the latest I will get back to you all
  7. has any one purchased from here ?
  8. Any one in Aus / sydney installed or tried this product? Aparently it allows for pre 2011 ISF / ISX to have bluetooth music streaming.. The USA guys say it works for them but just want to confirm any locals using it before i purchase thanks!
  9. Its not really a lexus specific job but I would either goto lexus chatswood or goto any of your own trusted mechanic and get it done, I did one in my 2005 Mazda my self at home.. not a big job
  10. an 02 sensor would throw out the ECUs reading and might be putting more fuel in than required.. I would put in a new O2 sensor and go from there as a start