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  1. Thanks Pearlisf i will take your advice and try Michellins
  2. Hi all I bought a 2017 Nx 200T in June I drove to Cairns from Townsville and could not get over the unbelievable road noise it makes It is really bad . I also have a 2006 Toyota hilux workmate and it is 100 times quieter. Anyone have any suggestions Thanks in advance
  3. Hi NX01 Have you tried eBay I just typed in cargo net for Lexus and up come heaps of them around $25 But if you want to do what I do is buy from AliExpress a Chinese eBay they have them for $5-10 most of the stuff on eBay comes from AliExpress. Its a bit slow with postage that's all.
  4. Thanks bazzle I meant dashcam. I thought by cutting the wire which has 1live 1earth and 2 data wires I might be able to connect to wiring leading to the rear vision mirror.
  5. Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone has ever connected a webcam or should I say hard wired a webcam to the wiring from the rear-view mirror Save running it down under the dash.
  6. Hi all Thanks for having me. My car is a 2017 NX200t luxury