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  1. Hi once again I have a problem with the navigation system .when I ask for a name to phone I get anything from a song title to odd numbers .its near impossible for it to do anything you ask of it Would taking it back to Lexus to upgrade the system or what ever work. I have read the manual a million times and still nothing works properly even the cd wont work Can anyone help Thanks
  2. Thanks Pearlisf i will take your advice and try Michellins
  3. Hi all I bought a 2017 Nx 200T in June I drove to Cairns from Townsville and could not get over the unbelievable road noise it makes It is really bad . I also have a 2006 Toyota hilux workmate and it is 100 times quieter. Anyone have any suggestions Thanks in advance
  4. Hi NX01 Have you tried eBay I just typed in cargo net for Lexus and up come heaps of them around $25 But if you want to do what I do is buy from AliExpress a Chinese eBay they have them for $5-10 most of the stuff on eBay comes from AliExpress. Its a bit slow with postage that's all.
  5. Thanks bazzle I meant dashcam. I thought by cutting the wire which has 1live 1earth and 2 data wires I might be able to connect to wiring leading to the rear vision mirror.
  6. Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone has ever connected a webcam or should I say hard wired a webcam to the wiring from the rear-view mirror Save running it down under the dash.
  7. Hi all Thanks for having me. My car is a 2017 NX200t luxury
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