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  1. Yes l did see the video but the Superpros are an improvement over the stock ones.
  2. Cheers Peter 🤜🤛
  3. Thanks Peter I actually recently fitted the Press in 90 Superpros along with HKS coilovers at the same time so it was hard for me to judge. Just looking for someone else's perspective that's just done the superpros. My car is a late 2011 build, its a MY12. It had the Sachs shocks. Car rides so much nicer, much more compliant. Seems to handle well but haven't had a chance to push it hard on my favourite rds due to lockdown. Paid $150 on sale through Sparesbox.
  4. Have you had these fitted yourself, can you share how they compare with stock. Would these be similar to SuperPro?