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  1. Heya Peter.K, Thank you for your comment and for the Facebook page (have been accepted into the group). And woohoo to another ISF owner 😁 I live on the northern end of the Goldie as well. Who knows we may be suburb neighbours lol
  2. Hi 2bling, Cheers for the comment. I have been scoping out Elvin Wong and Woven Chang on Instagram for the custom made steering wheel and gear knobs. Their works are amazing! I’ve have a pretty good idea of what I want for the steering wheel in terms of colour, carbon fibre pattern and design. Still deciding on what to get for the gear knob though. Great to hear that you and other people have had work done by Elvin Wong. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Hiya Everyone, Thank you for having me! My lady beast is a black 2012 Lexus ISF, so naturally her name is SexyLexy. I’ve only had her for 6 months and yes I look back every time. In that time I’ve had a custom made built and installed full exhaust system (not by choice since the previous headers were cracked), bigger and wider tyres front & rear, and exhaust butterfly valves. I would love to meet any other ISF owners here in QLD particularly in the Gold Coast as I live on the Goldie. Basically I would love to meet any ISF owners here and interstate. Next on my to do list in the near future is a supercharger and a custom made steering wheel. I would love to attend track and race events as this is something I’m considering later on down the track. Thanks for reading 🙂