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  1. I would be interested in one of the Bayson front lips if it helps to order more than one for shipping? Cheers
  2. I will check it out. It came straight from Lexus Gold Coast who had serviced it and put on 4 Yokohama tyres, so I would hope they have put the wheels on their correct side. Had a fantastic drive back to Sydney over a week, in and out of the coastal ranges. A real wolf in sheeps clothing when you can let it loose.
  3. My new steed. What a great car to drive. I had been admiring this little beauty for years and now it is mine. Very happy indeed.
  4. Thanks 2 bling. I did see them but they are very expensive and I imagine add a bit more sharpness to the ride. My 2010 is stock and pretty firm as it is ;). Is it just the lower control arm bushes that are important to change?
  5. Hello All. I have just bought a 2010 ISF and am looking at the key upgrade bits. It seems the suspension bushes help tyre wear and handling. I just don't know which ones are needed? Please excuse my ignorance but what are the bushes that should be replaced? And do I get Superpro, Nolethane or ERCF bushes? Any help would be much appreciated. Dave
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