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  1. I think I've worked it out now, using CarsGuide's pricing + specs page. You can see the 'additional features' for each spec/trim level. One thing remains confusing is that in 2013 there is 'IS250 X Special Edition' and 'IS250 X Xtra' but which is it? The additional features for each of these seem to be identical.
  2. Hello, first time posting. Hopefully soon to be IS250 owner. I have a question for the more experienced than myself. Basically, how do you tell if an advertised IS250 X is actually an X and not just a Prestige or Luxury trim with an X glued to the car? I am specifically looking at a mk2 2013 IS250 X and just wondering how I can confirm it is what they say it is. Strangely, when I went to get an insurance quote and entered the rego, it was detected as a Prestige. Is their database wrong or is that perhaps more accurate than what the seller has posted for their own vehicle? Is there somewhere/somehow I can check to make sure? I have tried CarFacts and VIN Check and the best details I got was the Variant / Series of GSE20R - but this is not specific enough. Any help would be appreciated.