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  1. Hi I'm looking for a front right caliper,single piston for an automatic, 2002, model TA-GXE10 I've tried altezza parts, is200 parts and none of them fit. The problem is there is an R number on them that differs from mine. Mine is an R1, others, are 2, 3,6. See image. Thanks Lee
  2. Im having trouble with a Toyota altezza engine 1GFE - GXE10. Automatic. The front right caliper ( single piston) needs to be changed, but the one I ordered has a value R3 on it but my one is an R1, of which the R3 won't fit as its too big. I've spoken to breakers and they have no idea.There,are also R2 and R6 versions ..has anyone an idea what this R value is because it's causing me major problems, I can't find an R1.. The main dealer will cost €320 but I don't know yet if it will be an R1. The altezza model is a TA-GxE 10. See attached photo Thanks Lee
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