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  1. This one? https://www.facebook.com/groups/1736253216586854/ Appreciate it mate
  2. After a bit of further reading, also considering Bilstein B6's with stock springs. Seems like a a good OEM replacement. Some relevant threads I went through: https://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-f-2008-2014/860285-upgrading-shocks-from-2010-bilstein-or-2013-oe.html https://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-f-2008-2014/824150-bilstein-b6-monotube-shocks-for-isf-2.html Thanks for the link! Good to hear that $720 is good; though to be honest I didn't ask whether it was just for the one shock or both rear shocks, just thought that surely they'd be replaced as a pair pe
  3. Recent acquisition, absolutely gorgeous and just incredible when pushed! Just a couple of matters to attend to - front tyres and brake pads need replacement soon, rear shock leak (as per the thread I posted), and the car is far overdue for a paint correction. Absolute dream otherwise.
  4. Hi all, Took the ISF in for a routine service recently and was informed that one of the rear shocks is leaking and due for replacement. I'm considering going with OE replacements at the moment - was quoted ~$720 for both rears installed from the dealership (ouch), but what other possible options are available? My preference is to maintain stock ride height, and improved comfort would be a huge plus. I'd consider replacing the entire set with aftermarket parts. I've heard of BC and KW coilovers, but don't want to lower my ride height - my exhaust and front bumper are scraped enou
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