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  1. SGR they quoted 70 per corner. There area few guys on CL who has the same wheels. 275 vs 265 will camber be too much of a prob given i'm only lowered 1".
  2. I have not tried putting them on but people who have the same wheels all say i needed the spacers. As for guard rolling, Sydney Guard Rolling is ok? Are u sure 225/255 will fit 9/10 inches?
  3. Dan, they are 19 x 9, offset +47, 19 x 10, offset +30. I guess the stock is +45 so i need 2mm to clear the fronts. I'm not sure if i need the rear fender to be rolled. Tyres i think will be 235/35 and 275/30.
  4. Hi guys, Being very long time .... and most of you don't know me. Anyways I scored a set of Rays 19" and i need 5mm only to clear the FRONT brakes. I know spacers are never safe to use blah blah blah..but i'd like to use the Rays for a little while. The 5mm is not hub-centric and it is thin enough to sit on your existing hub with a little left for the wheels to sit on. I was told this is ok to use and extended studs not needed. Should i get the 5mm or get the 10mm bolt-on type? Also what and where to get them fitted? Thanks, - Justin
  5. Preferably still road worthy, i'm happy to take them off you. Thanks.
  6. 225/45 and 245/45 were stock tyres for the wheels. I think 40 looks too thin. 45 help fill the guards. I heard aluminium rings sticks to the hub, ebay sells 66.1 polycarbonate ones for cheap.
  7. Should be 245/45 on the rear. Will fill the fenders more. Did you get hub rings to hepl fit it on?
  8. wow those replicas have better offset than stock The rears of these two pics eventhough the top pic aren't clear does not look like same offset. The bottom pic looks agressive +20 offset-ish. I didn't think these F reps were anything lower than +35.
  9. If 255/40 fit with plenty of daylight inbetween, why wouldn't 245/45 what am i thinking?
  10. I got myself a spare set secondhand set of 18x8 with offset +30 and 225/45 F 245/45 R. Putting it against the car (which is lowered by an 1 inch) it looks like i might have issues fitting but I think it should be okay. What do you guys think?
  11. Are you serious or is there something i don't know here. Home job every 5000km.