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  1. Hi,

    I am selling my rims and tyres and would like to post in Buy and Sell. Am I able to?



  2. Hey Frylai!

    Jus read ur post for few yrs back bout the Apex-i Pod Filter Induction Kit..

    Just wondering if your still doing them?!?!!

    Would b interested! :D!

    Also, whats involved with installing them?

    Also is it this filter?

    Or the universal one?!

  3. hell yeah!!! they need to have atleast check those cheap *BLEEP*! Matt =)
  4. frylai


    Come on guys we need more people otherwise I will call this off...winner gets a TRD Shift Knob!!!* Matt =)
  5. OK finally got a call from the insurance company....they are going to fix I m going to tow the car to Evans European in Penrose. Will probly take 4-8 weeks to get the car fixed...I have been browsing around but will off course shop around when the car is done... Matt =)
  6. frylai

    Trd Sways Set!

    Front alone non group buy price...$458.00 AUD Shipped EMS Matt =)
  7. frylai


    lol.....I m already loving this... Matt =)
  8. Alright, lets make some kind of a long do you guys think Serran will becoming the biggest of a post whore???!!! he have been in the club for abit over a month and he is now on 3rd... still a long figure compare to me at 1200...but with his attitude and speed I m sure he will catch up...what do you guys say??? person gets the cloest bet gets a gift from me !!! Matt =)
  9. lol....they are everywhere on the site can never get rid of them!!! :( Matt =)
  10. if it's just spongy as the feeling of the brakes and you do not need alot of extra performance out of your brakes all you have to do is go for some brake lines...if you need to source the brake kit or brake lines I m always here to help... Matt =)
  11. it's not riced enough to be RICED!!! lol... there are some that are more done than that around... Matt =)
  12. what audience??? old farks that drives another typical stock ES300 or LS400??? Matt =)
  13. man how the hell does everyone know I m planning to get an Audi???!!! :( stay tuned guys I will see whats coming up within the next 6 months... Matt =)