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  1. this may help a bit
  2. Sat Nav

    The dealer i went to recommended that you program them in as points of interest (or something like that) - I think u can program in about 100. Not worth it !!
  3. Anyway i have been to a few dealerships and the best i have been able to find is a 'new' 2011 build is350 which has been offered to me at 60k which i think is a bit much, i have also been offered a used is350 with 22k on the clock for 52k. These sound like good deals to me. Do u have a trade? Can u PM me the dealer/s that you spoke to??
  4. Set of 4, IS250/350 Factory 17 inch mags and tyres (245/45R17). - only showing 2 in the picture but there are 4. Are off a 2010 Is250 Prestige. Two tyres are basically new 90% + tread and the other two are about 30 to 40% tread. One mag has a small amount of cutter rash, the other 3 are perfect. $400 for the set. Located in Sydney.
  5. 2 x Is250/350 Clear Door Courtesy Lights - $50 for both. Both in perfect condition. Located in Sydney
  6. Is250 / 350 Instrument Cluster

    Instrument cluster from a 2010 350 Sport. Done approx 15,000 klm in perfect condition $650 (located in Sydney)
  7. Auto Folding Mirrors

    Hi Michael, Any update on the replacement harness so that we can install it on the 2010 IS models and later?
  8. I know this is not for a Manual (MT??) but first time I had seen for a right hand drive
  9. Mate of mine uses Lexus's in his Hire Car Business. He has used Lexus of Chatswood for paint repairs and cannot recommend them highly enough - he absolutely loves his cars and would not go to anyone who was not good.
  10. Love the grill. Looks like they do some good work - I like the interior on one of the BM's in their gallery. I tried to do some of this type of work on one of my bikes - turned out ok but certainly no where as good as the bike in the gallery.
  11. Try this:,Max~1&__N=1216
  12. Checked out the pictures on Carsales. Different but not to my taste but as you say each to their own:
  13. Yep - have them on my 2010 Prestige - bolt straight on and plenty of room
  14. Big Thanks

    You make a good point. I wish I had visited the site before I purchased my IS250 - in hindsight with the info I have found I would have probably gone for the IS 350. Overall happy with the 250 but the next one will be a 350 or an F.