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  1. I was checking out problems with the rear camera in my gs300 when I realised there doesn't seem to be any cables coming out of the boot lid. Does the camera connect via some kind of wifi? If so, is there a battery in the lid? I would be grateful for any education how this works! TIA ... Greg
  2. set of inner and outer tie rod ends. Unused
  3. I'm looking for a pair of tie rod ends for my 1996 LS400 (right hand drive vehicle of course!). They are part of the steering assembly. Can anyone help with sourcing them please? TIA .... Greg
  4. Thanks Simon; there's a procedure on the American forum here At same forum I remember there's a difference between pre-95 and post-96 LS400s in that older cars (I think) use motors on the retractors whereas newer cars use a solenoid. As I understand it,when the seat belts are not plugged in, there's power to the solenoid which has the effect of engaging a high tension retraction spring. When the seat belt is plugged in, the circuit is broken, the solenoid drops out, and a low tension spring acts on the retractor. So a possible cause is that the solenoid is not receiving power when the seatbe
  5. Does anyone know whether it is possible to re-tension the retracting seat belts in an LS400? My seat belts struggle to retract, TIA .... Greg
  6. Hey, can forum posters recommend excellent mechanics in Melbourne please? I have a 1995 Lexus LS400 and is due for a 160,000km service. It also has a problem common to many Lexus LS400s where the engine intermittently stalls after long periods of high speed cruising. This time, I would like to give the job to someone who really knows these cars. I hope you guys can help me out TIA .... Greg
  7. Hi 310Art. Sorry to hear of another LS400 owner with this problem. I haven't been involved with any of the interactions with Lexus about this problem but my understanding is they refuse to acknowledge a problem. This is serious because as you know, this sort of incident is a safety issue. This thread lists many causes regarded as possibilities by forum posters cheers Greg
  8. As reported in this forum, the car only ever stalled for me when cruise control was turned on but that has now changed. On this year's holiday, the car has started stalling after long periods of high speed driving even when cruise control was off. It is due for a service, but I wonder if that could explain the difference? TIA ... Greg
  9. This is a bit embarrassing, but how on earth do I get inside the tail light assembly of a 1996 LS400 in order to change a dead lamp please? Is there a how-to guide available. Something so trivial shouldn't appear so difficult!
  10. I have a 96 LS400 and I checked for the partnumber of my ECU but it doesn't end in 302 or 303. The writing on the outside of my ECU case is: MPX Body Toyota 89221-50031 123300-4070 12V DENSO Made in Japan TIA ... Greg
  11. Hi Bill, the quoted info is interesting. Did it come from one of the US forums? I continues to have problems on my driving holiday this christmas. It did not happen everytime after a long 'high' speed cruise but I'm pretty sure the fault was independent of the airconditioner being on or off. It only happened after using cruise control, and would still happen even if I switched cruise control off prior to dropping speed down below 40kph. Has anybody tried sourcing an ECU from the USA? cheers Greg PS Is it true we can't get email notifications of updates to this thread?
  12. I'm having same problem as NickT, the first post in this thread. I spoke to the dealer today who said he was familiar with these symptoms and it is due to the cruise control motor overheating after long periods of highway driving. The engine stalls after slowing down from high speed cruising. Dealer reckons motor costs $1200 - $1400. Threads on other forums suggest problem might be with MAF (mass air flow?? thing) or as NickT says, the ECU. The car is due for a 120K km service so there is an outside chance a service might fix it. Any comments please? TIA... Greg
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