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  1. fule filter as to be done every 90K major service if you know what your doing it should take around 1K max for those who wanna DIY and learn put aside around 3hrs as getting the filter itself off from the pump is fudly and tricky look up on some DIY on youtube basicly any IS250/350/ISF is the same way of doing just different part numbers
  2. common issues happens alot to cars that go thorugh harsher climates in australia the older is200/300 are starting to do this on a 2IS i havent seen any that have fallen apart yet
  3. 1- Valley plate leak = around 1200 AUD from chatswood lexus 2. Rocker cover gasket leaks (becoming a problem) 3. Transmission service ( needs a proper flush not a drain refill) 4. Headers cracking (going after market PPE or novel will fix it and with more power) thats about it for the major common problems rest of the problems will be all user error or wear and tear some cars are kept it good nick (caring onwers) basicly if you go tightass on maintanence on a ISF it will show sooner or later if you do everything properly using genuine parts its reliable as a camry other than the 4 points that i have pointed out
  4. there is a diy on the internet some of the guys in the usa have done it the creak is more louder during colder weather as the metals contract
  5. yes its repairable but its crazy fiddly theres a diy from the usa guys on the net somehwere hoenstly i would just swap it out for the cost of the repair
  6. pretty sure your going to have problems opening the roof with a tow bar on the back it uses sensors to detect if its safe to open the boot or not for the roof to go up and down maybe a tow bar with a detachable attachment?
  7. buy a toms drop in filter and be done with it less blind but more effective and resuable and non oiled so it dosnt foul the maf sensor
  8. theres 4 drains on the sunroof most of the cases its windscreen havent really seen any problems with genuine lexus sunroofs having leak problems
  9. F sport intakes are currently 600-700 landed from the usa due to our *BLEEP*ty dolla another option is Toms Super ram High flow filter $150
  10. if your in sydney lexmania can fix all your problems 😄
  11. Open ram pods actually lose power on back to back runs and it is defectable it is advisable to get a highflow panel filter like toms super ram instead of open pods plus the power is consistant on back to back runs
  12. 30 mids offset front high 30s rear as for brake clearance u need to get the correct face to clear brakes if your getting SSR's
  13. 15L seems average my lc does around 17-18l per 100 but its a weekend car when i was daily a isf i used to get around 13-14
  14. so to be speicific alarm as in security alarm? or the door alarm?
  15. 2IS flush service is 600 flat rate and around 2hours of work we use around 20Ls of ATF
  16. same gearbox as isf we do alot of ISF flush $600 for a full flush service uses arond 15-20L of ATF
  17. We are proude to announce LEXMANIA is now part of global Toms racing family Any toms parts for Toyota/Lexus is now available for pre order or on hand purchase via Toms Racing Australia Facebook and Website’S Racing Australia&epa=SEARCH_BOX Cheapest Price guarentee Buy from a Direct distributor with warranty
  18. yeah undo links and uprights etc we charge $300 for coilover remove and installs let us know if you want to book it in if you find it too hard