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  1. It's strange, but my mirrors suddenly started behaving themselves again a few weeks back and have been fine ever since.
  2. It's probably the iPhone. I got one when they first came out and the reception was really bad, it would also drop the bluetooth connection to the car for some reason. Eventually I went back to my trusty Blackberry and flogged the iPhone on eBay. I've never had a problem with Blackberries and the IS250 handsfree and I've had had a Blackberry since I got my car. Hmmm - I'm not convinced. I also had the 1st gen iPhone before they released the 3g here and had the same issue. Likewise, both iPhones work equally well in my wife's RX350. I guess there's nothing for it but to do some more testing and see if the results vary in different signal areas and with different phones.
  3. Yeah, I noticed the other thread regarding the side mirrors after I posted. I'v put my two bobs' worth in. Has anyone else specifically, then, experienced issues using an iPhone with the IS250 handsfree? I have a sneaking suspicion that it's been a signal coverage issue (Optus + calling from the same location on my way home from work each day) but wanted to see if anyone else had the same problems that might've indicated a problem with the mic.
  4. Bugger! Only just saw this after posting my own complaint about similar issues, except my main issue is that mine aren't tilting down all the time (I've noticed the same problem as you guys too, though). Put me down for this issue. Only seems t have started in the last couple of months or so.
  5. OK, so two separate problems, but I couldn't be buggered posting two topics. I've had a lot of complaints from people that I break up a lot when I talk to them on my IS250's handsfree. Has anyone else had the same? I'm also having a problem where my side mirrors don't always tilt down properly when I put the car in reverse (I know the mirror selector needs to be set to something other than the middle setting). Even worse, on the occasions it does happen, sometimes only the passenger mirror tilts a little bit - not all the way like it used to. Once again, I'll put it in with my dealer to have these things looked at under warranty but, honestly, all these niggly little problems combined with various issues I've had with Blackburn Lexus, and I'm really starting to doubt my decision to buy the car. I know it's the cheapest model in the range, but it shouldn't feel so obvious that it is...
  6. I really couldn't even hazard a guess on that one - never really owned a car long enough. Did you ask the dealer? I know their motive may be more profit-driven, but their answer should at least put you in the ballpark...
  7. Downloaded and watched it a few weeks back. They compare it to the M3 sedan. I won't spoil it for anyone but will be keen to hear everyone's thoughts after they've seen it.
  8. Dude, that seriously sucks. I feel for you. Touch wood, the only problems I've had are a distorted internal boot trim and a VSC sensor (awaiting replacement as I write).
  9. I finally did the wiring hack to allow my wife to use full telephone, DVD and audio features while driving. For some reason, I can't post attachments in this forum, so I've added this as an update to my original thread on doing the same hack to my IS250. If a mod comes across this thread, it might be worth pinning this to the top, as we've been doing in the IS250 forum.
  10. OK - here it is. I can't post attachments in the RX forums, so I'll have to do it here. Firstly, thanks (and credit) goes to the OPs of these two threads: RX bluetooth wiring hack RX radio/display removal instructions The picture from the 1st thread is attached here: Here's a PDF using most of the 2nd thread's content, with some minor modifications to suit the purpose of the hack: Removing_RX_radio___display_units.pdf The only thing to remember is that the wire color for the VSS cable may not be the same as that mentioned in the first thread's diagram. The diagram says that the VSS cable in pin 20 should be red. On my wife's 2007 RX350, it was brown (red was in use elsewhere). Regardless, go by pin positions, not wire colours. Also, consider how you're going to tap the ground wire before you start. For me, I stripped the wires, joined the two plug-side wires together and crimped a bullet connector to each "half". There's not a lot of slack in the wire, so the extra length afforded by the bullet connector came in very handy. This job was much more straightforward than the IS250 hack, and took me about 20-30mins to complete. Any problems, PM me and I'll try and assist.
  11. Absolutely! I updated my both my wife's 2007 RX350 and my own 2007 IS250 using the exact same v14 DVD I copied from a mate's Kluger. I have a small PDF showing how to get to the DVD drive on the RX. It's located under the false floor in the cargo area, is very simple to get to and requires no tools. I can't post attachments in this forum, so PM me with your email address and I'll send it to you.
  12. Success at last! I managed to do the DVD/phone hack on my wife's 2007 RX350. Instructions and wiring are different to the IS. Will post to the RX forums in the next day or so, and link to that thread in this one.
  13. The switch is needed as the GPS takes input from both the speed sensor cable AND satellites. Feedback from the sensor cable is (obviously) continuous when connected but satellite co-ordinates are not a constant stream - only delta updates on your position every few seconds or so. If you leave the speed sensor cable permanently disconnected, your GPS tracking becomes very jerky and sometimes even stops tracking you altogether for anywhere from 30-60 seconds. The idea with the switch is that it lets you temporarily disconnect the speed sensor cable long enough to use the full GPS features. Once you've finished, you hit the switch again and, within 15 seconds or so, the GPS starts tracking smoothly again. It's worth noting that this method is only good for speeds up up to around 50-60kms. Anything above that and the GPS senses speed based on changes in your satellite co-ordinates, at which point the software does its usual trick and prevents you from using all functions. AFAIK, there's no way of permanently stopping this behaviour.
  14. Try telling that to all the Porsche Touring drivers getting better launches and doing faster lap times out of the new PDK...
  15. I wonder what brought about the change. BMW and Merc announced their pricing on, respectively, the M3 sedan and the C63 AMG a long time before Lexus predicted the $150k sticker. I know there was some press about Lexus Aus going back to Japan and asking them to consider a more competitive price, but hadn't heard any more on it.