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  1. ilv1004s - Thanks for confirming. I will try to fix the Original Sat Nav touch screen first. Probably at the same time, I will try to fix the DVD so I can watch it while driving. Probably for passenger.
  2. ilv1004s, Are you sure it is compatible with the IS250? And can I watch the DVD movie when the car is in motion? I know my current Sat Nav can't at the moment. I saw a few DIY on how to get around it by plugging socket to ground. Thanks.
  3. Hi Lushpuppy, I did google as well and found a DIY fix on the Sat Nav touch screen. I contacted Lexus of Chatswood and they asked me to bring it in for them to take a look at it. Unfortunately, my car is already out of warranty. So definitely, they won't replace the whole unit for free and probably end up costing to fix it. I will bring the car to the dealer and see what they have to say. If it is costing over $2K, I will probably try to DIY the touch screen myself. Thanks for your feedback, Brandon
  4. Lexus Nerd, Yes, I would prefer to have my screen replace or DIY fix as suggested from some of the users in the US Forum. Probably end up costing me around $150 rather than costing me an arm and leg something like $2500 to replace the whole units. Brandon.
  5. Thanks Lushpuppy. I found a DIY on youtunbe for fixing the screen but it looks too complicated. I am scared I might ruin the whole unit. Here is the link on how to fix the screen: Did you replace the screen yourself? Do you have an instruction how to do it? Brandon
  6. Lushpuppy, I had the same problem last night. The touch screen is no longer working as well. Did you end up replace the screen? Thanks.
  7. Yes the buttons on the side screen still work fine. It just the touch screen is not responding.
  8. Hi all, I'm sorry if this issue has been addressed before. My Sat Nav screen is frozen or not respondind. It is stuck at the "press agree to the warning" box and nothging works. The screen is not responding to any touch menu. How can I reset my navigation? Does any here have the same problem. Please help. Thanks. Brandon
  9. Hey sPy, That is a ripped off. I had mine front disc rotors replaced recently with a new brake pad including labour and they quote me for $800. This was down at the Lexus of Perth. I really like the OEM disc rotors and brake pad because they offer a really good brake when applying a sudden stop. There are a few rotars out there and very pricey. cheers, Brandon
  10. Alberts Audio in Perth can do for you. Just bring it down and let them have a look at the car. I don't know how much they would charge but the last time I asked them they said it can be done. Morley Address: 61 Russell Street Morley WA 6062 Open Mon to Sat Phone: 08 9276 5678 Fax: 08 9375 2892 Email:
  11. Danslex, "Don't do fully maintained novated leases, as they are just rubbish (unless you are in the very very top marginal tax bracket). " What is the figure that you are referering to as the top marginal tax bracket? Earning over $100,000/year as the top marginal tax bracket?
  12. Danslex, Thanks for the tips. I had the novated lease for almost 2 years now. Maybe this is a new system like Uad said. I will keep that in mind.
  13. You must have clocked up a lot of KM to get Zero FBT. I know for 25,000KM, you still need to pay 11% of FBT. That's great that you are paying Zero FBT. I think you should consider IS-F since you are paying 0 FBT. Just a thought.