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  1. Isnt that rotten egg smell connected with the catalytic converter?
  2. Thank you once again for your comments, especially your insightful comments ProjectIS. I was told that the 2009updgrade related to a minor change to the front grille, and that the side mirrors would have indicators on them. Looks as though I will have to keep saving and maybe my changeover will be better if I decide to do something in March.
  3. Thanks again for your comments. I called one of the Melb dealers today, only to be told that the Prestige with Enhancement Pack would cost $71k on road. This, in my view, is just a bit too much to spend on a car. What I think I will do is wait a year or so and get a used 2008 model. I hope you guys dont mind me putting other questions up tho, from time to time.
  4. Thanks for your replies guys. It is just a bit daunting having a car worth $60k (although I anticipate the changeover to be in the late $30k).
  5. By trip computer, I mean does it tell you fuel consumption, avg speed, how much fuel left etc. Oh, and what does speed alert mean? Is this where you can tell the car to beep when you are doing say 105kmh, or does it let you know in another way?
  6. Hi everyone, I am not a Lexus owner yet, but am contemplating buying a IS250 over the next few months. I will have many questions given that there are no dealerships close to me in my part of Melbourne, so I will not be able to pester the dealer but I will have to pester you guys. Firstly, am I better off getting the Prestige with Enhancement pack, or just get the Sports? What are the trip computer functions? Where is the trip computer display? Thanks.