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  1. I've done it everytime, why is it bad, I get a custom enclosure made were it all looks like one exclosure! fine as far as im concerned saves space and looks good...
  2. 4ROLLN


    Is it worth quiting uni and becoming a full time post'r. I'll think bout it...........
  3. i guess so , you probably just dont notice any difference after a while! I dont remeber noticing much differene though!
  4. i leave the clutch pedal in but go from 1st to neutral and then 2nd, and you find the change is alot smoother!!!!! just takes twice as long.......
  5. yeah thats pretty much what ive been doing with the gearbox going to neutral between 1st and second but it does get real anoying and you lose alot of power! makes the car feel really slow all the time when driving at low speeds........ I started going back to just 1st to 2nd gear changes after bout a year!
  6. yeah I know the car too, the guys said it was very slow though but looked pretty good! I think I saw it up for sale a while ago in the autotrader!
  7. Im thinking "Muzza" maybe the factory let go a number of Super Altezza's that can do things not explainable in the real world. It seems a couple of us on this forum are the lucky ones who own one
  8. 1999 rs200z! 18's 215/40/18 are the same diameter as factory wheels or extremely close!
  9. where did you find those facts from anyways! some of it looks about right but also 4th gear goes well over 200km/ph anyways i'll take the 256 top speed. so so far weve got a top speed of somewhere between 240 - 256 max!
  10. sorry man but your definately wrong on those facts. Theres at least 4 people who can confirm that 3rd gear in an altezza rs200z can reach 180 in third gear! I've done it enough times to know! I would put down some serious cash on it if you want man! anyways why do you find that hard to believe "Sirnixalot" If I get a new video camera and digital camers this week I would be happy to prove it and upload it to this site! laterz guys.................
  11. I got a oil catch can which should stop the problem although I have never checked for oil in my intake!
  12. I found the altezza to reach 210 alright then it got pretty slow. not something you want to do often and I liked to say never again although I did it on a closed road!
  13. well it can and if the revs are there im gonna use them! haha I just didnt really realise it could, there cant be that many cars in our class that only use half there gears to get off the clock! I was just wondering the top speed as I hit sixth gear at 218 and didnt want to really keep going. My thoughts were that it should be able to get to around 240 aswell! cheers!
  14. Alright so whats the top speed rating on altezza's? After having my rsm set up properly after about a year I had a bit more of an idea today. So yeah 180km/h in third, to fourth and fifth until 218km/h then sixth and backed off at 222km/h. So what is the top speed rated on altezza's?
  15. yeah some of them you just start paying fo the name I reckon, I was advised that that toda one was pretty good and resonably priced, I think it has the lowest weight which also gives the best performance but im sure there wouldnt be much in it if measurable at all! the only problem with mine is a bit of vibration when slowing down etc betwen about 2-3000 rpm but im think its actually the clutch as it doesnt have any springs or something likr that i was told, bit of pain in the arse in slow traffic as not much play in the clutch. it must be a toda clutch two, i wouldnt recomend that clutch but it must be good apart from that. on my flywheel and clutch box it says for racing purposes only, not to be used on the road etc!!!!!!so that sums it up, also not for sale outside of japan! although it is obviously!