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  1. Hi there mate, I have used the KN filters with no probs on my IS200. Actually, I've used them 3 or 4 times since I have the car.(I am a bit of a neat freak when it comes to cars) If the guy from Autobarn said it will fit, than they will fit. Not that I would trust them with my life or something but I bought my filters from there. A nice feature on this filter is that it can be screwed and unscrewed quite easy. Whn you get around doing it you will know what I am talking about. It is a pain in the back side to change it, trust me. Cheers.
  2. where are you located? I am in Brisbane.
  3. HI there, I've just cheched my cambelt today and I think it's time to change it? Where would be a good place to change the cambelt in Brisie? How much do you reckon it will be? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi mate, I think it's totally up to you. There are some garages that do a great job at a fraction of the cost which is a plus, however there are so many out there that you don't know which is good and which is bad. Did you serviced it with Lexus Service? Worthwhile ringing some people around and make sure they know what they are talking about. (ask different questions about cambelt or what's the best oil for your car...I know it sounds silly but someone who know theur stuff will be able to answer your questions really quick. Good luck.
  5. When I try to program the doors and so forth, the programing doesn's finish, or at the end doesn't anything. I think I will try to get into Lexus Brisbane to do it, unless you guys know a different method of how to do it.
  6. Hi mate, I've tried to reprogram both new keys but with no luck. it seems that only one of them I managed to make it work on my car but lock and unlock functions doesn't work. i can only start the car with the new one. With the other one, I couldn't do anything, however the key has a panic button on it. So, to sum up my learnings, if the key is from UK, and has the open boot button than it should work, if not, then it will not work on the Au ECU's. Another thing though, I've had a chat with a nice chap from an car alarm company from Brisbane and he tod me that if he installs an alarm on my IS200 he could reprogramm and sincronyze the key in order to respond to lock, unlock, panic and so forth. So having said that, I think I will give this a go. Is going to cost me $300 but at least I will have an alarm and some additional stuff that comes with. If you have any other ways it would be great if you could share it with us. Cheers
  7. I bought 2 keys from uk(i THINK THEY WILL WORK ON AU ECU's) and Lexus quote 500$ as well... what? Anyway, if it's posible to reprogram the keys with no probs might as well...I will see how you guys go and then I will try mine.
  8. Hi all, I am looking for a good set of lowering springs (new or second hand "reasonable condition"). Does anyone know how much it would be to fit them in? Is it hard if I want to do it my self? I live in Brisbane area. Cheers
  9. I am trying to get another set of keys for my car and I am browsing the Net for another set but it seems that the UK frequency is different than the US so which is the right one? Cheers.
  10. Hi mate, I might be able to track down one from NZ. I think they should be somewhere 750aud + Shipping costs. I've managed to get one from a guy from Sweden. I will see if I can get you another one.
  11. Hi mate, do you still have the springs for the IS?If yes how much do you want for them?