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  1. Hey guys. It had come to some of our attention that with the 2009 revamp. The bass in the stereo mark levinson or standard was poor. My 2005 prestige pov pack had fantastic power in the bass line. Whilst anything post 09 the system was good but bass was seriously lacking. Hence loud music became very tiney. As I soon discovered with extended time in my 2011 SL. So I decided to do some more investigating and found the sub woofer used these days is only a single core speaker where the older ones used to be an expensive dual core speaker. And made it difficult to upgrade to an external sub for those serious car audio enthusiasts. (Balancing etc). I have done a little modding this weekend and since I don't have an old dual core sub, nor four speaker wires at the sub that a dual core requires. I paralleled a second post 2009 ML sub up to the standard ML system / Sub and mounted under the parcel tray next to the existing. And all of a sudden the POWER is back!! Awesome control and serious bass when you want it. Instead of having bass on full and getting no bass. It sits on half way now and is perfect.
  2. LEX51S

    Lexus Lf-Lc

    Taking the North American International Auto Show by storm, the LF-LC hybrid coupe has certainly turned a few heads. Pushing the boundaries of performance, style and technology, the concept showcases the future of design for Lexus. The 2+2 luxury sports coupe is a driver's car, combining a finely crafted balance of new and traditional design, redefining Lexus originality. The front-engine, rear-wheel drive LF-LC features Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive, delivering both driving performance and fuel efficiency. "The LF-LC concept demonstrates Lexus' commitment to debuting exciting new technology and designs that engage all the senses," said Lexus Australia Chief Executive, Tony Cramb. "This concept combines innovative technology with a powerful and efficient hybrid driveline - all wrapped in a visually stunning coupe body. FIND OUT MORE
  3. LEX51S

    Aloc Meet #16

    I cant make it i have too much on. Enjoy guys.
  4. Hey Guys, At the Dyno Day last weekend i purchased an Auto mirror closer from ASHPOINT, The kit is awesomely simple and took me about an hour to install. What it does is automatically folds the mirrors when you lock the car in any way. Then when you unlock it, the mirrors open to their normal position!! It comes with step by step instructions and relatively easy to install. (all you need is a soldering iron and a set of wire cutters) You also have the option of not folding them by pressing unlock - lock within 1 second. and also the other way around if you wish to leave them closed when you approach the locked car (Lock unlock within 1 second. note: they then open upon ignition starting.) Thanks Michael for the awesome opportunity to purchase one of these the transaction was awesome and instructions made it simple... Contact Michael HERE for your questions and or purchase enquiries. Also Check out This thread in "BUY AND SELL" for addition info. Here are some videos of what it does.
  5. My car is in for a much needed 90k service tomorow and its going to add 1000kw!! lol na. its running pretty rough though and should come out like new. Q8 fully Synthetic Oil Fuel filter air cleaner filter clean Air con filter change Autolite iridium spark plugs. http://www.noelsautoparts.com.au/pics/Autolite/XPiridium.jpg Brake fluid flush and replace diff oil remove and replace EXTRAS. Air con antibacterial flush Carbon clean (FULL) http://www.bgprod.co...ts/fuelair.html BG44k - removes engine deposits in combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports and on valves. It restores flow in fuel injectors and cleans the entire fuel system. BG ISC® Induction System Cleaner - BG ISC® Induction System Cleaner™ will quickly and safely clean fuel injectors and remove hard, baked-on carbon deposits from intake ports, intake valves and combustion chamber. BG Air Intake System Cleaner is an extremely effective solvent/degreaser formulation that quickly removes sticky, heavy deposits which accumulate in the air throttle body assemblies and plenums of modern, multi-port fuel injected engines. BG Fuel Injection System Cleaner is a specially formulated blend of solvents, high molecular-weight dispersants and deposit control additives which will quickly, effectively and safely clean fuel injectors and help remove upper engine deposits. Can not wait to get that lexus smooth power and response back. been a bit of a very sick dog lately and the fuel economy shows. PS also waiting to for my F-Sport intake to replace my k&n drop in!!
  6. Ok guys. Ive done this to multiple members cars and is simple in theory but takes about an hour to do. The reason i have stopped offering to do this i dont have the time and i can not afford to replace your ecu due to slight differences from model to model. The risk is financially to high for me to take on someone elses car. I used a DPDT relay with IGN2 source and Puddle lamp source also with a dedicated 12v for the entire DRL system. I also used another relay in series with this relay to create a true 50% DRL when parking lights were turned on. You will have to disconnect the DRLs from the existing system due to Lexus ECU using resistive switching to turn things on and off. If you do not you will get stray voltages that will harm your ECU. Lexus does not use traditional methods of switching they use a more technological millivolt and resistive switching setup in all thier circuit boards chips and ECUs. If you want to achieve this DRL trick i suggest strongly that you disconnect the DRLs from the ECU and wire in your own setup so you do not harm the ECU as fingering with the electronics does not get you a replacement ECU under warranty!! Good Luck !! Planktoon007 may still have a video of one of the setups.
  7. Bump. Price drop. Coming off the car now ready for local drop off. 50% rubber all round.
  8. WORK WHEELS FOR SALE. $2400 Imported from Japan / work. Worth over 1k a rim. 2 X SCHWERT SC1 - 19X9 +28mm - R DISK (fits IS350) 2 X SCHWERT SC1 - 19X9 + 35MM - O DISK (100mm dish) one rim has a small mark where it touched an uneven bit of bitumen. PHOTOS ATTACHED!!
  9. LEX51S

    4 Months Wait Ended! Love My Rc 350 F

    Nice!! Congrats on the purchase. What about the things you do like?
  10. LEX51S

    Rcf Track Day + Top Gear

    Alot of disapointment in the RCF wide spread. Franky whats your opinion of the RCF as a street vehicle though. The majority of buyers may only track it once. Maybe not at all. Majority of buyers would only be doing spirated street / twisty speed limited corner hugging.
  11. What was the outcome of this. Fuel level sensor?
  12. LEX51S

    Fs: Ct200H Stock Rims

    Are these still for sale.
  13. LEX51S

    Dealership Of Choice

    The people at dealerships are human too and not personal slaves. The attitude you have approaching the dealership will greatly impact your experience.
  14. Sydney gaurd rolling is great. As for tures rims and fitment all sounds out of place. Try them on if you have them before spending more money.
  15. RotorRian. Do you still have a deal on this dash cam?
  16. Did any one get this done. If you find an auto elec tht knows his way around lexus/ toyoda its easy. Let me know what it costs if you get it done.
  17. LEX51S

    Aloc Meet #15

    Sounds good, Keep me in the loop, My car is suffering quite a bit of neglect and it would love some attention!!
  18. LEX51S

    R C 350

    please tell me it has LSD though PLEASE!!!! (does aus get the torque vectoring diff AKA fancy LSD)
  19. LEX51S

    R C 350

    I stopped in today to check out the NX and the RC. I think some number crunching needs to be done for an Infrared with dark rose F-sport.
  20. Haha. Coconut. Too funny. Im sure the final product will be awesome knowing you.
  21. Haha. Coconut. Too funny. Im sure the final product will be awesome knowing you.
  22. sorry for the late reply. Yes you can but the results may vary. if you want a proper job done and serious power another amped sub should be used.