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  1. Does any one know whether the computer in the LX470 (mine is a 2004 model) has got a kind of learning ability (Artificial Intelligence) of my driving pattern to optimise the control of the engine thereby, optimising the fuel consumption. The battery in my vehicle had to be removed during a repair (took a few days) by Lexus and once I got the vehicle back my consumption figure on the LCD jumped to around 22lts/100kms (I was aeraging around 14). Within a week it has gone down to 18.4. Lexus says that that this is normal after a break in the battery supply and to run for a few more days to allow the computer to learn my driving pattern...!! Me being an electronic/electrincal engineer (ofcourse not up to date with current auto electronics) could not believe this. I would expect that what ever the sensors would pick what ever the consumption pattern at any given time and indicate on the LCD and if at all do the optimisation sort of on-line. Can any one educate me on this. I was trying to find a workshop manual for LX470 (which alarmingly the Lexus Agent did not have for me to look..!) when I stumbled up on this member's site. Cheers