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  1. Thanks Octogenarian. We'd sort of arrived at that conclusion. I've got to say I really don't appreciate being locked out of my own car's systems in this way, especially at the extortionate charges imposed. I can buy a better-performing sat nav at Harvey Norman for a hundred dollars with free map updates for life, but Lexus want to charge me $400 to stick in a USB with the same map data, just encrypted. It doesn't fill me with joy. (Of course this complaint is not exclusive to Lexus).
  2. G'day thehotline. I'm trying to update the maps on my 2012/13 RX which may be the same as yours. Have you actually located the SD card slot in your vehicle? I was under the impression that this model uses a USB stick to transfer the data to an internal hard drive - but I may well be wrong.
  3. Thanks for your help, gentlemen - it's appreciated. Unfortunately I keep drawing blanks. Lexus or igo interface? Lexus. I don't have the lane directions shown in the image on that page. The box in the boot is definitely not it. It's actually a little bit narrower than a DVD, has a screwed-on cover on the side facing aft, big brackets at either end, and a very big connector on the side facing under the back seat. I think it's part of the energy control system. See attached image. It's nothing like the DVD player in my previous RX. Whirlpool: Yes, I assumed my DVD drive was in that location (as per the photo a few posts above). However, on removing the cover there is no DVD drive in there - just an empty space. This is particularly galling as I was going to open it up, but saw the image above, thought "that's the same as mine" then went ahead and ordered the disk. Luckily I only got V25 which cost $50. If either of you could use the disk, it's yours to pickup in Perth (northern suburbs) or $10 to cover postage. I won't attempt to upload it as my internet is both slow and erratic.
  4. Thanks James. Unfortunately there are hundreds of videos and how-tos out there but I haven't found a single one for my specific model. I'm beginning to think this is a dealer-only installation. 😞
  5. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I need some help. I have an RX450H manufactured in 2012 (so the "2013 model") and want to update the maps. I have the disk from Navigation Systems Australia but I can't find the DVD drive. It's not in the centre console as per the image in Helnandez's post above - there's just a DVD-drive sized void. Not in the boot (there is a DVD-drive sized box but there are no slots or anything). In desperation I tried inserting the disk in the entertainment system but it didn't like that. When clicking to update maps on the system screen the message is insert a DVD or USB. Could it be that there is no navigation drive and the maps are on a USB somewhere? If so, where? Can I copy the DVD to a USB stick and stick that in the USB socket? So many questions... thanks for any answers.
  6. Try here: http://www.dashmat.com/products/index.phtml?prod_id=dashmat&cust_id=dashmat&SYSTEM=cartlink&SESSIONID=&ACTION=
  7. I have a suspicion that audio streaming only came along in 2012 or thereabouts. Could be wrong though.
  8. You could try your local Lexus dealer, but I've had more luck getting bits & pieces from Sewells and Lexus of Miami in the States. Try here: http://lexus.sewellparts.com/oem-catalog/8111816164-Electrical-RX350-2013.html
  9. That would be me. :) It was a Vais Soundlinq. There is a thread on Club Lexus (US site) with instructions how to pull the stack apart to get the head unit out. Once you've done that the rest is pretty easy. Lexus of Perth quoted me $900 but I did it myself in an hour or so for around $250.
  10. Not sure where you get that from. It may have been correct 10-15 years ago but the demographic has changed. The average age of a new Lexus buyer is I5-20 years younger than it was pre 2000. Down from 75 to 60 :D
  11. A low seating position is just silly in an SUV. All the so-called premium manufacturers are chasing a younger demographic by making their cars more aggressively styled, lower and harder-riding. They do this at their peril - don't forget it's us oldies with the bad backs and dodgy hips that are still the main purchasers of premium cars. We need a HIGH hip-point for ease of entry and exit. I'm not going to buy a car which is painful for me to get in and out of.
  12. G'day Bomber, welcome to the forum. I have the same problem at my office - there's a fire sprinkler pipe right above my bay, so I have to e super-careful opening the tailgate. I keep meaning to take some sponge rubber to work to pad it. Thanks for the reminder. :)
  13. There's a guy in Balcatta Road who will make up paint to order in spray cans. He does a pretty good job matching it against the car manufacturer's specification and cross-checking against the actual panel. I'm pretty sure it's this guy: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Autopower-Car-Paint-Centre/198461146889079 You could also try here: http://www.touchuppaints.com.au/Home-80.htm I just found them by Googling but they look reasonable.
  14. My thoughts too. Similar to a Camry / Aurion (though I know it's based on the US market Avalon), the ES has already been touted as a good car for the limo market. Maybe so, but it hasn't hurt their Canadian operation which builds all the RXs in North America, and I think they're starting to build the IS there as well. In some ways Australia would be seen as a more exotic place than Canada, which could be a good basis for a marketing campaign. I've often thought Lexus talk a lot of BS, and this rubbish is high on that list. I don't want some person who can feel both sides of a piece of paper - I want somebody who knows how to do up nuts & bolts so the thing stays together. I'm sure that many of the workers at Altona could come up to the required standard. I'd expect the Lexus line would be a plum posting with better pay and conditions. Only the best of the current workers could audition and be put through the requisite training. Who knows, some of them might even find a new role in life as one-handed origami folders. :)