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  1. Afs Blinking Rx400H 2008

    Google is your friend :) http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/71548-afs-light-blinking-how-to-reset-anyone/
  2. R C 350

    I'm disappointed the RC has the foot operated brake.
  3. New Front Pads & Rotors

    I don't. In highsight, I probably should have asked for the old parts.
  4. The benefits of getting OEM windscreen is in the acoustic properties (noise isolation) in which generic ones don't provide. Windscreen O'briens uses chinese made screens so you would need to go to your Lexus service centre if you want an OEM replacement. It won't be cheap so it depends on how hard you push with your insurer. I have windscreen protection cover and got mine replaced with a Lexus windscreen by my Lexus dealer. When I called to lodge the claim, the 1st person would not approve the replacement through my Lexus dealer. I hung up and call back the next day and spoke to someone else whom understood my concerns about non-oems and approved my claim to have it done through my Lexus dealer.
  5. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Thanks Marvin. The dealer said they had inspected the pads and they are still fine. Dumb question: Looking at my rotor, I see the shiny ring where the pad brushed with the rotor. Around the middle of this shiny ring, there is a .5mm ring which appears it is not being brushed. Can I assume that this is normal coz looking up images on Brake Pads in Google, I see some brake pads have a groove on the pads (escape for brake dust?) which may explain this unbrushed ring around the rotor?.
  6. New Front Pads & Rotors

    just wondering if you guys also replaced the brake pads when you replaced the front rotors? It's just that I recently had my RXh serviced at my dealership and it had new front rotors replaced for the cost of $500 (reason - below minimum thickness). However, they said the brake pads were still good so they didn't need replacing. I'm going by their words but from what Google is telling me, it's highly recommended to replace the pads when you put in new rotors.
  7. 76' Toyota Corona - this was all I could afford as a runabouts during my uni days in the early 90's. The audio system was worth more than the car itself..silly me but it was F.U.N..!!. Kept it for a couple of yrs before I got rid of it....to the wrecker for beer$$. 78'Nissan 200B - Still cash strap so bought this to replace my Corona. Didn't last as long. 86' Toyota Corolla Hatch - This was kinda mom/mine car. The engine kept going no matter how I mildly abuse'd it. 92' Camry Wagon (white) - Whitegoods on wheels. 04' Toyota Supra IV NA - Should have listened to my GF and think with my head and not my heart. Kept it for 12 months and took me the same amount of time to sell the damn thing at a 30% loss, and it was good riddance. 02' Honda CRV - bought this when it just came out in 02 and kept it for 7 yrs before I handed her over to a family member. Most reliable car I ever owned. 08' Lexus RX400h - my 1st Luxury car and I hope it won't be the last, but it'll be a while before I can afford to upgrade.
  8. If I were you, just be happy with what you have and enjoy the car :). Afterall, you wouldn't have bought her if you didn't like it. If you MUST, then trade it in for the X edition or the V6/Hybrid and save yourself the hassles. Just my 2 cents.
  9. From what I've read, iphone is pain via bluetooth. I have an android phone and it was as easy as 1-2-3 when I did it back then.
  10. It is common that features that are currently left out on the AU models will eventually be made available on the "mid-life" update release. Just like when the 2008 Nissan Murano TI Luxury model (I was closed to buying one) was released here, it didnt come with the panorama sunroof but this was standard on the US version. 2 years later, the sunroof is available on the TI.
  11. I have my phone contacts transferred to my L and whenever I receive a phone call from my contacts, their name shows up on the display before I answer it and this is while the car is in motion. I just can't recall whether the phone number shows up on the screen when it is not in the address book.
  12. I'm running on Bridgestone Dueler HP Sports and would say they are quieter and handles better than the potenzas.
  13. Rear bumper guard JDM Slim weathershield from Japan ($350 landed) 2nd set of genuine RX carpet mats from Lexus dealer (coz it was going for cheap - $50 delivered)
  14. Sorry to mislead you. I was referring to the fusebox which is located under the kick panel on the passenger side (on my hybrid RX anyway). http://www.greenhybrid.com/discuss/f27/any-idea-where-console-12v-cigarette-lighter-fuse-located-24238/ had the need to replace my cig lighter fuse due to a dodgy 12V usb charger.
  15. From memory, the fusebox is located below the glovebox so you need to remove the plastic panel underneath the glovebox in order to see it.