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  2. Can you pair your phone to a Bluetooth headset? If you can't, Bluetooth chip on your phone could be screwed. Can you pair a different phone to your car? If you can, then you know the Bluetooth chip in the car still works!
  3. Wtb 17/18 Oem Wheels

    Anyone in Sydney have a set hiding in their garage to get rid of?
  4. Red P Plater SGM 250 Cruising next to me thru Stratty/Burwood with intake. Anyone here?
  5. Freaken idiots with nothing better to do! Feel for you man! My old car got keyed around the whole car i.e all doors, all 1/4 panels, bonnet & boot! I was gutted... I know how you feel! Your mum can't tell you off for that... It's not like you were trying to drift the car & then wrapped it around a pole!
  6. I enjoy the 5zigen exhaust most of the time just the way it sits nicely in the bumper & the way it sounds, untill going up hills. Then the fsport intake when doing some spirited driving! Man... i hate reading through forums as it really makes me itchy to get more mods done! Next on the to-do list prob HIDs
  7. I think u gotta take out the back seats to get to it!
  8. I've been over the bridge numerous times on my 07 250 running ver 14 map without any glitches! Haven't updated maps yet cause I don't have the picks to take off the facia!
  9. A silver CT200h being transported at the back of a tow truck passing by Hume Highway Bankstown. I reckon they look quite nice in real life than in photos!
  10. I'd called up Lexus & they confirmed my one is potentially affected! They said they will be sending out letters soon.
  11. Ohh... Didn't know you can get defected for mirror tints! Sticking to black then!
  12. After today's heat in Sydney, wanna get some tints done! What does everyone think about mirror tints on a silver IS? Or play it safe & go for black tints?
  13. Ur reflectors! Did u take them off or painted them?!