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  1. ill try it out thanks sort of like the auto window - up/down fully so it works again.
  2. Hey All Have this problem - when i go to auto close my sunroof - it stops right before close - then goes back to being fully open have to manually close the roof by going to the first open setting then to close. annoying... i did check for anything blocking or interupting it... also this happened the same night i was driving on the M4 and my VSC check warning came on... reset the ecu, it went away, then back on the M4 the next day and bang straight back on :P
  3. I had my resonator deleted as well, its worth it -just make sure they do a proper job.. Don't get midas to do it, they will charge an arm - very bad stories i heard about them. Just find a local exhaust place. Anyway with no resonator you get a little reonance and a touch more raspy sound. But letting you know now its not super noticable, in an underground carpark rev the hell out of it then its obvious!!
  4. Thanks Atlantis, to be honest 19's was my aim, but these wheels only came in 18 or 20.. so i got 18's I got 20's last week and they are perfect - no rubbing (got the right offset - good places will send off the wheels to machine back to ensure perfect fit) and its not too bumpy at all... depends on your sussy setup and tyre pressure 32-40psi is alot of difference. Ive been in other cars with 20's (not IS250's) are some were crazy bumpy.
  5. Everyone has there own opinion... I think it looks fn good! but that does not mean id buy them... and most tyre shops got the budget rims and they also got their pricey ones. Personally I got a set of 20's last week after upgrading my 18's (no not OEM's no questions pls) and i went for the machine face stylish look - actually first one in AUS with these wheels - will post pics one day...
  6. Man how you pay for the tips installed? A reputable exhaust place would ensure you have the right size and if not cut and fit it the perfect way first time! I had put 3.5" on mine with quality ends, quite thick and its a perfect fit.
  7. So many nice wheels out there now its surprising so many people want the OEM look. Even a nice clean set of 18" would do it! My old Lenso Como - looks OEM with an edge? Just my two cents...
  8. can you define 'better' please? better as in it brakes/stops better... better than my worn out standard set-up i had. I havent compared it to different set-ups so not sure. depends on previous brake condition, tyres, tarmac... cant exactly provide brake distance improvements
  9. This is the setup I'm interested in. I've seen this setup on other cars but not on a Lexus. Do you get more or less initial "bite" when you depress the brake pedal? honestly i didnt feel any major difference when depressing on day to day driving (maybe a touch more bite if any), but when u mash it at higher speeds it does stop better
  10. Couple months ago i put the RDA slotted rotors, matched with Green Stuff. Works very well, and most notable thing is barely any brake dust compared to the Lexus types.
  11. I got Pedders on mine 6 months ago. Called a couple up, dealed two down to $600 supplied/fitted/aligned Ride height is sweet, the back is a touch lower than the front. Overall Pedders supposed to drop 38mm Ride quality hasnt changed much, still smooth - depends also on wheel size and pressure Sorry no snaps of the ride height!
  12. Hey all Just the other day the rear passenger speaker on the tray started distorting badly, and now i have to drop the bass half way. Is this the subwoofer or just a speaker? Im still under warranty so ill have to give Lexus a call... Anyone else know of speakers blowing? Cheers