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  1. Unless your IS250 have some extraordinary sentimental value to you, or you are building a dedicated race/track car, or you just want to have some serious bragging rights for owning a super stealth IS250 then it's NOT worth it. I had an 07 IS250, wanted the V8 swap, did all the homework with Danny, the cost just doesn't stack up. And you'll get burned even more on the re-sell value and insurance. You are better off swap to a IS350 engine to get about 85% of a ISF performance if you are on a budget. Or just buy a IS-F to get the real deal. That's what I did and best decision ever. Now, I'm looking to upgrade to a GS-F.
  2. Nice health gains, but you really need a header to make the tune more worthwhile. Upwards to 275kw+ with PPE header, and noticeable power delivery increase in real driving. See my post here for Dyno result:
  3. Yeh, I wasn't expecting much issues with Lexus ownership, I guess it's just my recent bad lucks. Car already has PPE installed, makes great sound indeed but I'm having that issue with PPE header knocking steering shaft at certain turning angle. Apparently this issue is also common reported on the US forum with aftermarket headers. Getting Lexus (Chris) checking into this. The worn engine mounts were picked up when I did the transmission flush at TNK auto, I didn't feel anything when driving before. Apparently you can tell under the hook, if you rev the engine and see if it has unusual rocking side to side then you might have a worn mount. Hey John, saw your car there too. Took a photo for us. See you at Kulnura. My car is still in Chatswood... 3 days now. Was meant to be a quick track day prep. Installing HKS SSM, Toms Diffuser, RR Catch can & the usual track pads, stainless brake line, racing rims, and running on MPS Cup 2. Ok I'll start a new post, better not hijack this post :)
  4. Yeh, a bit disappointed mate, replaced worn engine mount during last service and now coolant leak costing big bucks. There goes my tax return. Watchout guys if your F is getting to high KM.
  5. MODs, can you move this post to the IS-F section?
  6. Just reviving an old post. I got my car in Chatswood today for the upcoming Lexus Kulnura track day prep, car is getting a host of nice upgrades :) Sadly Chris told me my MY11 @ 100,000KM has sign of coolant leak at the valley of the V. It's all dried up underneath the car without any dropping, so I could never noticed until the car is raised. It will be quite a big and costly job estimate 8hrs to get it amended. I had to bite the bullet to get them fix it, especially when I'm about to take the F on track soon. Anyone else has this issue yet?
  7. It's a known issue for MY11 DRL headlights, many reports on the US Lexus forum: Lexus knows this "defect" but only replace them if car is still under warranty. Check with your dealer, you be able to workout a deal with them I think the MY12 DRL had this fixed. - I have a MY12 Driver Side Headlight if you want a replacement.
  8. Hi bud, just sharing my personal experience when I sold my is250 last year, the market for our 2IS is very competitive, a car can have thousands spent on mods but hardly getting the value back when selling. Those know me knows how much I spent on my old car, had a lots of low ballers, and many enthusiasts are holding out their cash for a facelifted IS350. So I end up parting the car and sold it near stock at a much much lower price. Just my 2c, good luck on selling nevertheless.
  9. kyo

    Engine mounts

    I have PPE header, and replaced engine mount late last year, car was at 100,000KM, one of the side was deteriorating. Luckily identified by TNK when performing transmission flush. Open the hood, give it a few hard rev, you can see the engine rocking more than usual, and check underneath the hood for any sign of hitting up. Was looking at the RR mount but worried about extra vibration & noise so I went with the OEM mounts instead as I use my F as a daily. You are right that sub-frame needs to be dropped, almost like a half header job. So I also STRONGLY recommend to replace the mount when installing header. I was also told that after installing the new engine mount, one part of the PPE header may rub against the steering column when in reverse at certain angle? This is due to new mount tighten up the gap to the header. And once the mount settles/sags, it should go away. Otherwise the header needs to be modified to address this. For those in Sydney want more info on this issue, contact TNK Automotive.
  10. Thanks man for the clip, Danny shown me once before on his phone. Was that with stock header too? I've also saw a YouTube clip with Novel header + SSM, it sounds really good. But I couldn't find any clip with PPE + HKS or FIGS Mid + SSM, which is the setup I'm going for. Maybe the PPE header will add a different flavour to the SSM sound.
  11. Nice write-up mate, you beat me to it, mine HKS SSM is still in a container from Japan. And I've been looking for a used HKS mid-pipe for months. Rare piece indeed. I thought the US mid-pipe was designed & made by HKS USA and got discontinued after they shutdown HKS USA. And I never know there was ever a JDM HKS mid-pipe. Also discontinued now? Consider the two HKS are all discontinued, the third and only aftermarket option left is FIGS custom mid-pipe, read here. Danny of Lexmania should able to order one at a reasonable price. I'm getting my HKS SSM installed at Chatswood hopefully in early march and see how I like it first with stock midpipe, then will consider the FIGS option. You going to the South Coast cruise? Love to do a comparison video, but yet again I have PPE header, so may sound different to yours.
  12. Yeh mate, got all the parts lined up for this year 2018. Body Armour 9H Ceramic Coating - Done, will post review after first wash. HKS SSM Exhaust - In a container from Japan, due to arrive early March. Intake - Still contemplating which one to get. MCA Red Coilovers - On order, due to arrive early March. Wald Diffuser - Going to Japan in early April Easter with the family, will try to find one while I'm there and ship it back. And see what I can find from Up Garage :D Wheels - Running my track use 19" RAYS Volk G27 with Michelin Cup 2 at the moment, looking to get some more aggressive offset 20" for the street. I know ride quality gona be a shocker pairing this with the coilovers and lowered but awesome stance baby!
  13. Kia Ora! And welcome to the F Club Thomas! Whakatane is a beautiful place mate, I worked on a forestry project in Gisborne for 2yrs, often travelled to Whakatane and Hicks Bay. You guys are spoiled for choices, so many imports on the road. Yeh, let's see ya car.