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  1. RX350 Navigation DVD

    You can find Version 22 under the IS forum.....which is a 2016 release from my understanding worked in my 09 RX350....I previously had V18
  2. This link still works...thanks very much Loaded into my 09 RX350, no problem I did not have to delete any files to make it fit on the disc. Just unzipped using 7-zip Used Imageburn to burn on to a DVD -R disc (download imageburn for free)
  3. RX350 Navigation DVD

    Yeah me too....I've been looking for this
  4. Isf Dealer Installed Engine Update Query

    I fitted a Borla axle back. Good sound, no drone. I also changed intake to Joez intake and Toms air filter. no real power increase, just a bit more responsive, but sounds great, deep v8 sound without the full on ear drum piercing sound.
  5. Curb Rash On Isf Wheels

    Just go to a rim repair shop.....I had all mine done here in WA and they did a great was about $180 a rim including painting
  6. Tyre Sizes Pros And Cons

    I didn't notice a difference in noise between the yoko's and the falkens, and the falkens are half the price. Yep agree they handle quite well and they also have decent grip in dry and wet. Good all round tyre for the price. Had them on my F6 too before the ISF.
  7. Tyre Sizes Pros And Cons

    I got about 40,000km out of Yokohama Advans. Should get 50,000km+ out of the Falken cos there a harder compound (and I drive the car pretty hard) I think their a decent tyre for what they cost $$
  8. Isf Opinions And Difference Pre 2011

    ?????. I thought you were asking about an ISF. This question probably belongs in a different forum, IS250/350 forum. I was but the question was moved, now realise the is350 is almost as good for a lot less money, so investigating that now. Almost as
  9. Tyre Sizes Pros And Cons

    Yep same here. I have Falken 452's 245/275 and have no issues
  10. Lexus Accessories

    Thanks that's a good price.......
  11. Wheres the best and cheapest place to buy accessories. We have just got a 09/10 RX350 sport luxury (well the Missus has). I'm after a rear bumper protector , seat covers and roof racks and maybe a pod. Cheers
  12. You can get a switch installed to turn off the GPS receiver so you can use the touch screen to programme the GPS etc then switch it back off so the GPS will guide you. The switch will also allow you to watch the DVD while moving.......not that you should lol
  13. Lexus Isf Aftermarket Exhaust ?

    Get the Borla axle back exhaust.....easy changeover do it yourself in an hour or so. I got one and it sounds great without being too loud and does not drone. Made the car a bit more responsive And bit more power but no massive performance gain like the other guys are getting with full joez exhausts and other mods. It also has the two offset exhaust tips like the factory mufflers But it sounds bloody awesome for such a relatively cheap mod. Put a free flow air filter in (i have toms) and an intake ( i have joez) and it's a pretty good setup if you don't want to change the whole exhaust like the guys above. It's a good compromise.
  14. Any Isf Owners Here Live In Wa?

    graphite (dark metallic grey) 08 A mate I know through work has got one too. He's the reason why I got one. He just updated his 08 ultrasonic blue to a 2011 metallic red In the few years I've owned mine I've only ever seen 4 driving on the streets excluding my mates one. White, blue, hail damaged black one looked heavily modded and another graphite one. What colour is yours? Any mods?
  15. Any Isf Owners Here Live In Wa?

    i got one and in Perth.....not many in Perth though....last time i asked the dealer there were less than 12...that was awhile ago now