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  1. Thanks for the information Not looking forward at the expense of replacing the rotors on mine..!!!!!! Have you tried this mob here in Brisbane https://brakesdirect.com.au/aus/catalogsearch/result/?q=vehicle&make=Lexus&model=RC&generation=2014-%2B%28C10%29&submodel=RC%2BF Offers good advice and pricing. Cheers
  2. brake pads thinning post 25k is pretty standard issue on the OEM pads. I had this issue with my ISF too. It's a heavy car and honestly who drives the RCF sedately. I haven't changed mine yet but will due in due course, only @ 20k. When i was looking to purchase the RCF, cars around the 25k mark all had fairly thin OEM pads.
  3. congrats on the lexus.. love the white paint job..kinda miss my white isf awesome engine note past 4k rpm
  4. my first mod.. bloody tint the windows..feels like i'm sitting in a fish bowl without the tint
  5. congrats man...you're gonna love it
  6. that nebular grey is really nice when seen in person..!!!!!!
  8. thanks buddy,... looks quite neat..!!! i bet would look OEM too if you repaint the bracket black and run black hoses. I'll put an order for the catch cans
  9. Can you show me a photo of your install? is it failry easy to do or any modifcaitons required? the RR website says you have to modify the engine cover to fit the catch cans?
  10. Does it work and how much oil gets accumulated in the catch can?
  11. I think all Aus delivered RCF comes with TVD and nearly fully optioned comparted to oversea models. The Aus options are different wheels and carbons upgrade. As for plans, probably aesthetics mods (front lips, side skirts and rear diffuser) and upgrade coilovers and brake pads. Will likely do track days 3-4 times per year. Not chasing records or be the fastest. Happy to have a bit of fun in it.....
  12. 2bling....if it wasn't for the flight restrictions and lockdowns.. I wouldn't hesitate doing a road trip back to Bris, it's the ideal way to get acustomed to the RCF fairly quickly.... Enjoy the photos....!!!!
  13. End up buying a starlight black with red interiors Delivery next week...!!!! the agonising wait begins...
  14. Thanks Jaylexen for your reply.... Have you changed brake fluids for track duties?
  15. Hi guys, Another query regarding the RCF. I know everyone's situation is different when it comes to insuring their RCF because of so many variables to consider. Just want to know which company you guys insure your RCF with and why did you chose them as your insurer. i've been doing the usualy, Shannons, AAMI, Allianz etc and they range between 1900 to 2200 for 39 year old, clean history and garage at work and home.
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