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  1. Hello Marauder. I've recently upgraded my phone from the Huawei P8 to P30 - and BINGO - all hassles with the phone echo, etc etc have gone away :-). Prior to this, a software update at service time did make some difference. And using my son's iPhone to make or receive calls from my car worked perfectly every time - which really bugged me at the time !!! Hope you get the issue sorted out to your satisfaction soon.
  2. Not sure if this topic is still current - but I had the same problem recently and solved it by switching the "Auto start/stop" button on and off a couple of times and the problem was solved 🙂
  3. Thanks for sharing that, Tom - much appreciated. Did you carry spares of any sort? Any extra storage cabinets, etc? Thanks again
  4. If anyone has done major long distance travel around Australia, I'm interested to know what sort of modifications or conversions you made to the car, if any, what the experience was like and what would you recommend for the future. Thanks Subby
  5. Will do, John - my car is due for it's first service in a few months - but I may drop by earlier to get it looked at - Lexus Brighton is usually very good at sorting out issues!!
  6. Same problem and solution in my NX300 as well confirmed !!!
  7. Thanks for this, John68 - I've had exactly the same hassles - so good to know - will check out and see if the same solution works in my car!!
  8. Update after 3 months: Had problems with the phone - dropping out, contacts list not loading okay, poor connections (couldn't hear the phone dialing), etc. Took it to the dealer - and after quite a lot of trouble shooting, the problem turned out to be my music USB !! It had a virus somewhere and once the USB was removed, everything worked perfectly 🙂 - thanks, Lexus Brighton, again!!!
  9. After much research, test driving and soul-searching, ended up sticking with Lexus and got the NX300 a few days back, after a 3-month wait. And so far, no regrets!! Haven't yet quite worked out the ins and outs of the Infotainment system, but the voice recognition system is very impressive for Satnav and phone functions. The lady's pronunciation of the names may be a bit funny at times, but overall it's so easy to use. And the cameras are pretty good - may not be as good as the Audi Q5, but that's a small price to pay for the unmatched Lexus reliability and service, which was the clinching reason to ignore all other luxury brands of mid-sized SUVs. The one downside is with the Enform app, which is next to useless for Satnav functions. Drive-wise, it's pretty good and met all my expectations - it will take a little while to change the IS250 driving habits at times, but it is peppy enough and not as thirsty as one would expect. If there any hints and tips on useful short-cuts in using the Infotainment system, would love to hear from you. And Lexus Brighton, thanks again for your amazing price and service!!!
  10. Thanks for your prompt and frank reply, DBen - not exactly what I was expecting but much appreciated anyway - you've probably saved me from a dubious investment :-) :-). While I certainly want comfort (the IS250 has spoilt me - amazing car!!), it's not at any cost. Back to the drawing board for me!!
  11. Hi NX300h owners! I'm looking at moving on from an IS250 SL to the NX300h (probably 2015 SL model) - my question is - would you still recommend this car after your experiences with it? Thanks Subby
  12. Thanks for this write-up, Lexus Nerd - found it very informative. I'm looking at moving on from an IS250 SL to the NX300h (probably 2015 model) - my question is - would you still recommend this car after having 3 years' experience with it? Thanks Subby
  13. Up to Whereis V19 normal DVDs work fine, V20 requires fiddling around because it requires dual density DVDs. Of course, I'm not talking about original Whereis DVDs!! They work fine.
  14. My brother in the US has a 2003 SC430 - and is fed up with the super low profile tyres getting damaged and going flat every few months. What are his best options? Thanks Subhash