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  1. Car sold during the week guys. In terms of the tow bar, I asked at the dealer when I got the car and got the same response. According to the guy I was dealing with, Sydney City Lexus only outsource it to Fastfit at Petersham. I went there direct for the install and they did a great job. Only comment would be if you are installing only for bikes, make sure you ask them to put the wiring loom plug under the carpet in the boot, rather than fix off to the outside (I didn't and it certainly would be better on the inside).
  2. G'day guys. I am selling my IS350 to move into a bigger car. Low kms and in great condition $51,000. Please see the Carsales ad: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Lexus-IS350-2011/SSE-AD-2268073/?Cr=3&sdmvc=1 Car is based in Leichhardt. Nick
  3. Solution to my own problem.... I bought a black tow ball cover for a few bucks yesterday to cover the chrome ball when not in use (aesthetics). It has coincidentally addressed the sensors picking up the tow ball. Cheapest (& easiest) fix i've ever had!!!
  4. Righto, have had a tow bar fitted by fastfit in Leichhardt and they have done a great job. But now with the tow ball in, the reverse sensors pick it up and runs it solid beep the whole time. Does anyone know if there is a way to calibrate the sensors for such an issue? Hoping there is and suspecting there isn't..... Any help appreciated!
  5. done in about 30, pretty easy no difference at low revs, but loud when under more loads in revs. will head out for a drive 2morrow to test it out...
  6. I have a 2011 IS350 with factory Sat Nav and am not a fan. Have had several other makes of car with factory fit and they have been much better. Will see what happens when I take it back for first service...
  7. SOLD! Have just placed the order via Lexus of North Miami. Now just have to wait for it to get to Oz! It looks like a pretty easy install, has anyone had any experience with it and were there any dramas?
  8. I guess as I'm getting older I am after sound, but not necessarily noise (trust me I had some LOUD cars in my younger days). I am more after an exhaust that might sound a little more meaty, but without being noisy. I guess some of the BMW's have the kind of exhaust I am after (135), being plenty of sound when you are into it, but still subtle when cruising around town. Any suggestions?
  9. Everyone probably already knows about this, but just found it in a google search. Tom's Barrel Exhaust... Does anyone know anything about them, better yet does anyone have one fitted to a is350?
  10. Yes, I see the humour too, but of all places to get confused... The busiest bridge in Sydney! Fortunately I know my way around pretty wel, just curious to see if it is common....
  11. Curious... Does anyone else in Sydney have their GPS go into meltdown on the harbour bridge? Starts repeatedly stating to "obey the local road rules" and doesn't stop it until you're over the bridge. Haven't done heaps of k's yet, but it has been the only place with the issue including up to north coast & west to mountains. Have had other sat nav fitted cars with no such issues on the bridge.
  12. I guess like alot of city dwellers, i only really want the tow bar for bike rack and the possible risk of a box trailer for a day here and there. Nothing more. Fasfit quoted $750 for the tow bar and I have had them do exhaust work on a car previously. Great guys. What other convenient alternatives work for you? From my research, other options include roof racks (ugly); strap types (flimsy & paint damage). I have come from an XT Forester so the convenience options are totally different...
  13. Am researching a towbar for my 350. There is an option at Fastfit in Leichhardt (Sydney) for around $750. Is there any other choices? Has anyone tried securing a Curt tow hitch from the US on ebay? Nick