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  1. Hey mate. Get them to have a look at the Valley Plate to see if there's any signs of coolant leaking. Good idea to check out the wear and tear items (engine mounts, bushes, etc) Also, depending on what was work was done in previous services - Spark plugs, transmission flush and replacement, fuel filter would be some items I'd consider as the car approaches those kms.
  2. Hey Jeff. Pm'd you 🙂
  3. Yep. I get this too. Running 255 Pilot Super Sport fronts and RR USRS. I get this very early in the mornings when the temp is freezing and reversing on full lock coming out the driveway. I haven't noticed this feeling when the tyres or temperature has warmed up. Not sure what is contributing to this but I'm dealing with Mercedes atm with a C43 & GLC that gets this tyre skip too
  4. Sorry to hear mate. Did Lexus pick up on the worn engine mounts at the service or did you notice some symptoms and told them about it? I recently had my starter motor die on me (89k km) - car wasn't really driven much for the past 3 years prior to buying it so that may have contributed to it. Chatswood fixed it by removing one of the headers to replace the starter motor (should have gotten PPE headers installed then but needed the car back on road ASAP). Also had the water pump replaced around 75k km from the previous owner.
  5. Hi all, I am listing a set of 19" Lexus RCF wheels with Falken Fk452 fronts and Bridgestone Re050a rears I bought these wheels with the intention of fitting them to my Lexus GS350 F sport. Unfortunately, the fitment is too close for comfort (3.3mm of clearance between the rim and suspension) and have since sold the car. I have an ISF now and have decided to go aftermarket in the near future as a result I have no use for them. I need to clear these parts before I purchase new wheels and exhaust as I'm running out of garage space to store parts. A quick glance on Club Lexus in the US, they seem to fit the ISF's with the 255/275 tyre set up (I'm not too sure whether you'd need to roll the guards or not). Here are some quick specification of the wheels: Front: BBS hand polished forged alloy 19" x 9" +50 with 225/40/19 Falken Fk 452 (decent tread) - Probably need to get wider front tyres as the 225 are a bit too narrow for these rims. Rear: BBS hand polished forged alloy 19" x 10" +41 with 255/35/19 Bridgestone Re050a (decent tread) My understanding from the guy I bought this off, the rims themselves (not tyres) have been on an RCF for 2-3k km before they were taken off and replaced with larger wheels. There is a small 1.5cm curb mark and scuff on the passenger front rim. Other than that, the wheels are in great shape. Pictures: Pick up from Fairfield West NSW. Price: Throw me your offers ! Please contact via PM. Kind regards, Peter
  6. rcf wheels still for sale?


  7. Congrats on the new car Barry! You don't mess around when it comes to modding.
  8. Hi All, For sale is a set of near new F sport wheels with tyres that came off a 2014 IS350 F sport. The wheels are in excellent condition, however, they do have a bit of staining on them. It could do with some polish. All four tyres have 70-80% tread left on them and have only been used for a few thousand kms. One wheel has some curb grazes. The others are in great nick. No structural damage at all. Pick up from either Five Dock, NSW or Fairfield West, NSW. Contact: 0421 692 936 Looking for $1500 firm - These wheels are hard to come by and the price I'm asking is reasonable. No Lowballers or Time wasters (More than happy to keep if I dont get the price I want)
  9. Tom's lip kit is now sold. HPS still available.
  10. Hi all, Toms Carbon Front and Rear Lip Up for sale is a Carbon Tom's Front and Rear Lip that will fit any Lexus ISF. This is a quality kit made in Japan. VIP autosalon in the USA have the front priced at $1360USD and the rear for $1040USD - This does not include taxes or shipping. The front has some minor underside scratches that aren't visible when fitted to the car. However, the rear lip has a missing section near the exhaust. Price: Open to offers at this stage. HPS Intake Also for sale is a HPS Silicone intake for the ISF. The intake has been installed on the car for a few thousand kms and is in pretty much brand new condition. Silicone intakes have great heat transfer properties that will assist airflow to your engine. Price: $120 Location: Fairfield West, NSW Contact: 0421 692 936 Regretful sale as I've decided to move onto a different vehicle. If anyone is interested, I may be listing an ISS Forged DES Exhaust soon. So keep an eye out on the forums. Photos
  11. Everyones insurance will be different due to age, driving history, location, etc But for reference, NRMA wants $2037 ($2000 excess) on an 08 ISF and $3200 for a $600 excess - 65% no claim bonus plus a multi policy discount on 8 other insurance policies for a 40+ male driver. Best thing to do is to check out the insurance PDS/ coverage, as some insurance companies will not allow you to use the repairer of your choice or will re-use repaired parts to fix your car in the unlikely event of an accident.
  12. I had 265/35/18s and 275/35/18s on my rear stock wheels. No issues at all.
  13. Just reviving an old thread! 2007 Lexus IS250 Prestige. Owned from 2010-2011 2009 Lexus IS250 Prestige - Upgraded from the 07 prestige. Owned from 2011-2012 2007 Honda Accord Euro - Downgraded from the IS250 as my brother was getting his Ps. 2012 - Present 2010 Lexus IS350 F sport - My First car, loved it but sold that recently to find an ISF. Owned from 2012-2014.