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  1. My problem was traced back to having had a broken ABS sensor when I took it to the mechanic to have the front rotors changed over. A new sensor fixed the problem in the end. Thanks for your post. It might help others though.
  2. I had my car in at the local mechanic to change the lower control arm ball joints as well as an oil service a few days ago. On picking the car up, the mechanic pointed out that the VSC/ABS/TRC lights are on and said have they been on for a while. I said I have not seen them on before and certainly when I drove the car to the mechanic, there were no dash warning lights on. Just wondering if people can throw in some ideas what could possibly be wrong. I tried pushing the switch for TRC off, but not responding. I checked all the fuses in the footwell compartment of drivers and passenger side, especially the ones with TRC/ABS etc.. as well as fuses and relays in the engine bay. They all seemed OK. Nothing blown. This has got me baffled, as when the car went in to the mechanics, no lights, came out with three warning lights on. I even tried taking the battery terminals off and unplugging the car's computer, but no joy. Wondering if any of you had come across this and the possible solution? Cheers.
  3. Hi to everyone. Just a quick intro. I own a 1997 Toyota/Lexus Aristo V300. Its a very nice grand tourer car with oodles of torque when the turbo kicks in. It sports a TRD computer, TRD shocks and springs and a TRD exhaust. It also has aftermarket DC-06 18 inch rims running 245/40 ZR18 tyres. Just thought I'd drop in and say hi.