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  1. Have a great day Diane :D will get ta meet ya soon ;) Al.
  2. Whaooo another Aristo member Well done on your purchase Dave! :D That is a very rare car you have. I bought mine from Cary as well.He might be able to help you,nice guy to deal with. We need some pics for the gallery! not many Aristo`s in there. Al.
  3. 240kw is damn good figure Ron! what psi was that at? I got mine on 15psi would be interested to compare. you like the girls don`t you keith
  4. Took me that long so i could afford his prices! Yup thatf igure was on his dyno. He didn`t say much really pretty laid back guy.
  5. Thanks to everyones input on this. I ended up going to Mike at Turbo vehicles who did a good job. It turns out the previous 2 places i went to didn`t install the boost controller properly Mike did and now with a bit more boost the car made 282RWKW. Al.
  6. Happy birthday old man! :o
  7. Might sound like a funny topic but with winter upon us i have to get some new windscreen wipers and don`t really know whats out there. Is there one brand better than others? Do they differ between makes at all? Anyone got any ideas? Al.
  8. EVLTEZ or SLYTEZ would be a good one :D Or IGOHRD <_< (Thats my one for sale)
  9. Geeze you change your avatar alot Hayden.....just have some girls on there then you`ll be set ;)
  10. Hi Ron. Welcome.Do you drive an Aristo? any mods/ pics? Al.
  11. I have found this site helpful in installing car steros Al.
  12. They have a few faults i know of,central locking,wind noise from windows and led on speedo needles.other than that they are a very nice car. p.s you did very well not to stall it keith ;)
  13. Man thats not fair :( most of the people who drive Aristo`s/GS300 are grumpy old men who won`t take a card! Im still waiting for a youngish person to give a card to :D Al.