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  1. Unichip For Isf

    not going with Novel Danny?just cant crack the AUDM ECU Sard has been trying for a while but just cant do it What's the difference between a JDM and AUDM ECU, would be great if that worked?
  2. Ecu Tune For Isf

    Sounds exciting - looking forward to seeing the results.
  3. Headers Group Buy...(Possible)

    Latest comment on 5th Dec 2011 "Our trip to Australia went well. We will be coming out with right hand drive versions of our IS250, IS350 and ISF in early 2012. Special thanks to Sid and the guys at Lexus of Chatswood in NSW!"
  4. Headers Group Buy...(Possible)

    Facebook post yesterday - PPE Engineering LLC We will be traveling to Australia to prototype on the RHD Lexus ISF and IS250/350 next week! For tech support or sales questions, please email us at Sounds promising!