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  1. how much cost for the job?
  2. when could we do this package again?😁
  3. WTB 2IS IS250 Invidia Q300 Exhaust for 07 is250
  4. Hi, it can not be fixed permanently. It’s not worth to change. We just leave it.
  5. could we group buy this as it too much expensive plus shipment
  6. ad08r is good if you r ok with the price PPS wont go wrong for daily use as we normally dont track our is250/350, I got it with 900 with promotion at 18x8 40 225
  7. I dont rekon u put PPE on ur setup, trust me, u wont like it. if you wanna do it must put High flow cat wekd in your mid pipe after ur ppe if you wanna put in. try it with HFC. if u dont like it weld stock or after market catalytic converter on.
  8. real carbon custom make from china. control panel is wrap. sent parts back to china and they make it
  9. I have some kind of feel like you mention sometimes. The parts 44200-30880 cost too much. Any cheap way to go?
  10. I never heard this recall and went to dealers with no luck for fixing this.
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