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  1. Hi All, had this a few times now. took it back to lexus and they cleaned cyl 2 due to carbon build up, its come back up again with same code, P0302. what else can I keep a lookout for? coil? replace spark plug? Thanks
  2. $200 for the Navigation/DVD Enhancement Module for Lexus & Toyota
  3. HI Guys, during the day, with the car on at a set of lights, if I flash the high beam, the RPM will dip. what is the cause of this? battery? thanks
  4. HI All, Looking for Rear Right passenger Door actuator as mine has failed to lock and unlock via central locking and remote. if anyone can point me in the right direction or has one to sell please reply. :) Thank you Kevin
  5. Fs: Is350/is250 Goodies (2is)

    Hi, in the FAQ for the NAV/Video Is a switch required to work with your product? Our system is designed to be there only when it’s needed. Our system can be activated and deactivated by simply pressing a button on our switch. The wired remote switch dimension is (L) 1½” x (W) ¾” x (H) ½”. For 2010+ Lexus models and selected 2012+ Toyota models* with Entune system, a switch is no longer required! The activation/deactivation of our system is now integrated with the factory buttons on the steering wheel! have you been able to activate/deactivate from the steering wheel controls?being a 2010+ car Thanks
  6. Fs: Parting My 2011 Is350 F Sport

    Fog lights available? price?
  7. Hi All, When approaching the car to unlock the doors, the rear right door will not unlock. whereas all the other doors unlock. Furthermore, as a standard you get 2 beeps when doors unlock, im now getting around 6-8 beeps when unlocking the doors. im guessing this is a warning indication that there is an issue with the central locking system? can this be easily fixed or should i just wait a few months till my next service? Thanks
  8. would it be wise to heat the panel before using the plunger??? so the paint doesn't crack?
  9. what did you need to do on the left exhaust to get it fitted properly?
  10. Wtb: F Sport Exhaust

    http://is.sewellparts.com/accessories-catalog/fsport/IS250-2011/1798.html $900 in shipping to brisbane
  11. Take a look at the new Dunlop Sport Maxx RT. $350 a corner... have had mine in for a month, very happy with them... very quiet, grippy in the dry and wet!... the one thing i have noticed is, i use to lose a bit of traction in our work car park (polished floors) ever since the change, i dont see the traction control light as often and i can hear it grip and squeal while turning around corners......
  12. did the mid-pipe replacement get rid of the eggy fart smell ??
  13. Sellng Is250/is350 Fujitsubo Exhaust

    do you have a drive-by video clip? there's nothing on youtube.....
  14. mine is always between 9.8 - 10.3, roughly get 530ish to a tank.... 2011 IS250... driving style: conservative, but i have my lead foot days.....
  15. Fujitsubo Exhaust

    is this sold?