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  1. Looks like its available for purchase now When I have the spare $600 I'm going to get it ;)
  2. Any luck with the sale ???
  3. I want to black out the chrome around the headlights and grill to give it a stealth look like picture below, except it will be on a black GS What do you guys think??
  4. Welcome to the club mate, check out the PPE engineering headers for your car. Im going to be purchasing them soon for my GS. Great gains!!
  5. yes its possible, vaistech is taking orders already. i just a need pay day to get mine lol Check out the link below, has the screenshots and video of operation, Pretty cool aiy
  6. yes its possible, vaistech is taking orders already. i just a need pay day to get mine lol
  7. Chubz

    Aloc Meet # 9

    Hey guys, I live very close to Harry's so I mite skip Rhodes and meet you guys here, So a time would be Great
  8. very nice Steve, Are you considering getting one anytime soon?? heheheheheh
  9. Definitely a benefit buying a pre owned car from the first owner purely for your resale as you can mention that you are the second owner. The IS250x will have a few more features and of course its better to have the 2007 over a 2005. My personal choice would have to be number 4 though
  10. Chubz

    Aloc Meet # 9

    Ill be there guys, lets try to get this forum as active as the others!!
  11. Thanks for that, yeh all the 450's run cvt box's, very good for acceleration. I actually smoked a vw r36 on the weekend. :P
  12. Here is a pic of my 450h, Dead stock but lowered 1.5" A couple Snapz after a wash, Now show me yours
  13. No Luck with the 2007 Lexus GS450h :( Theres nothing about these cars online, very very frustrating!!
  14. Wish this forum was as active as others I have been on before!!