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  1. Hi guys, I have these H11 led: https://www.philips.com.au/c-p/11362UEX2/ultinon-essential-led-headlight-bulb For some reason I can't turn the bulb to lock it in place, it seems like the 3 notches are too thick.... I can remove and install my OEM philips H11 with ease. It's a simple process, line up the the wider notch into the wider notch opening and then turn clockwise. Even with pushing force it can't turn and lock in. Tried both sides. Any advice?
  2. https://www.philips.com.au/c-p/11362XUX2/x-tremeultinon-led-headlight-bulb/overview Just wondering if the heatsink and the control box will fit inside a 2011 is250 headlight housing? Thanks
  3. I was just wondering if having the aircon on affect acceleration performance at all? I usually only have my aircon on the lowest setting. I've also noticed that when the aircon is turned off my idle rpm drops a little and the car starts to shake a bit, is that normal? Thanks in advance boys and girls.
  4. I've just remembered the Lexus replaced my windshield 2 years ago, is it possible that they've accidentally damaged it during the install?
  5. Also was just wondering if this Lexus TB - can be applied to the Australian market? http://is.sewellparts.com/pdf/L-SB-0012-12.pdf
  6. I was speaking to a Lexus service rep and asked for a warranty request on the plastic windshield molding (hooks snapped off leaving a gap where it connects to fender), and she advised me Lexus generally only have 1yr warranty on plastic trims, she told me to bring it in for further inspections. So, I was wondering if what she saying is correct? Thanks guys I have attached a file to show what part I'm talking about. Lexus ISX50 Windshield Molding.doc
  7. Wow, the lexus motor oil is pretty cheap, I thought it would be at least $100. Is it fully synthetic?...... For my next service should I just use the lexus oil, or supply own oil which is the 5 -30w Mobile 1?
  8. I get this water trickling sound in the dashboard area when I first start up the car, I think it's because the A/C? hmm not sure hey...
  9. Compliance date isn't important in terms of re-sell because people usually value the car by build date. If you were to sell a 2011 model compared to an 2012 (both 2nd hand) probably like 3 - 4k difference.
  10. I don't think it's an common issue. If it's getting worst definitely speak to the service guys, does seem like an safety concern.
  11. Lexus meet in Florida, man I love their Lexus culture over there.