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  1. It has been said that in some cases manufacturers are replacing the faulty units with the same make and type to mitigate the immediate risk. The ACCC make mention of this in their FAQ's on the Takata recall; https://www.productsafety.gov.au/news/faqs-on-takata-airbag-recalls#some-airbags-are-being-replaced-by-the-same-types-of-airbag-i-m-concerned-about-the-safety-of-my-replacement-airbags-as-i-ve-heard-they-may-degrade-over-time-
  2. :-) I was trying to be generous to make sense of the figures quoted in the original post. I have no idea what I get for a tank in my little IS250.
  3. The tank holds about 65l of fuel so after 300km at 7.7l/100km you would have used about a third of a tank and the gauge would be between half and three quarters, there is no way it could still be sitting on full. Your post is talking about tank average which resets when you fill up. The trip meter shows 78km and you said you had traveled about 70km on the trip when you took the pic. 70km at 7.7l/100km would be about 1/12 of a tank which would put the gauge about bang on where it is in the pic given they do go over F when you fill right up. Are you sure you didn't fill up beside a freeway 70km before taking the photo and not 300km over several days prior as you stated in your post?
  4. You did a 200k trip, a couple of days of small trips then a 70k trip (approx 300km's total) and your fuel gauge is still pegging full in a car that does 400 to 500k total per tank? Is your fuel gauge broken?
  5. My 2008 model X at least besides the sports suspension comes with the larger diameter wheels/lower profile tyres which may also contribute to a harsher ride.
  6. When I purchased my 2008 IS250X from a dealer I was told it came with the credit card sized smart key however when I went to pick the car up I was told that was a mistake, Apparently there was a model change mid 2008. The later 2008 models came with the card, the earlier 2008's (like mine) did not. The dealer compensated me for their error so I was happy.
  7. I have a 2008 X. This loses the heated/cooled seats but gains the sunroof, reversing camera, ML stereo, larger wheels etc etc. 2008 model doesn't have blutooth but there is an Aux jack and power outlet in the console so I just use a tiny Blackberry blutooth thingie. No parking sensors. The screen is integral to the ML stereo. It's all one big (and it is big!) thing behind the dash. You couldn't lose the screen and keep the stereo without major surgery I would have thought?
  8. The device in the sunglass holder isn't the GPS, it is the motion detector for the alarm system. There is a sticker on it to that effect. The sunglass holder is still hinged, it just doesn't have the nice push to release fastener on the front edge. You can open it by very carefully prising it open at both corners on the edge closest to the rear seat. The two screws to remove the overhead unit are inside. There is a large connector inside that powers the sunroof, interior lights etc. I followed a guide I found somewhere but ended up using a meter to find earth, accessory and ignition for the power magic box. I stripped and soldered to those three wires. I didn't record which ones they were and I don't really want to risk damage to the plastic by trying to open it again to check. There is heaps of room inside there to put the cigarette lighter outlet, excess cable and power magic box. As you said, I suspect your power run must be somewhere close to the remote receiver or maybe the battery in your remote is getting low? Have you tried a different remote fob or maybe try changing the batteries before you do anything drastic with wiring.
  9. I recently installed a two channel dash cam in my 2008 IS without issue. I connected power into the overhead module connector then ran the second channel cable around the roof line on the drivers side to the centre of the back window. I don't have any problems with my remote. I believe there is a sensor in the boot but have no idea where the others might be. My model doesn't have the drop down sunglass holder, it is there but not able to be opened easily, when you prise it open (to access the overhead module screws) the intrusion detection motion sensor is where your sunglasses would normally be. Not sure if any of that is helpful ?!
  10. My 2008 IS250X water pump started leaking at about 30000 km and was replaced under warranty by the dealer during a normal service. I purchased the car second hand from the dealer and took an extended warranty, it was replaced with a genuine part under that.
  11. I've been working on some math to decide these sort of things. According to my calculator the IS350 (current model) should do the quarter mile in about 14.23 seconds and the GS460 (V8, latest model) should do it in about 14.27. This is just pure math based on the stats for both cars. The GS460 has more power but is also heavier. I'd love to see some real life figures to compare to my theoretical ones!
  12. Following this thread. I'm not looking to replace my stereo but I'm hoping there is a plug in alternative that can sit in the console of my 2008 IS and just look after the streaming.
  13. Those wheels look the same as the ones on my 2008 IS250X which is fitted with 225/40ZR18's on the front and 255/40R18's on the back.
  14. http://www.carsguide.com.au/news-and-reviews/car-reviews-road-tests/lexus_is350_f_sport_review_81004_20131226
  15. As far as I know the power steering is purely electrical/mechanical so no fluid involved.